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Development overview and latest development trend of China's Color Masterbatch industry [2]

China's Color Masterbatch industry can be summarized in one sentence: rapid development, small gap and wide prospect. The development of color masterbatch in foreign countries is only a few decades. Generally, it is a history of cutting and grinding it into small pieces or particles. China's reform and opening up has enabled China's Color Masterbatch industry to follow the world development trend step by step. China has introduced a full set of world advanced production equipment and technology, imported high-quality pigments and dispersants, and can produce world-class color masterbatches. Therefore, it can be said that the industrial level of China's color masterbatch is not far behind the world level. However, China is different from foreign color masterbatch industry. Foreign color masterbatch industry is monopolized by a few multinational companies, and China's Color Masterbatch development is still in the transitional stage from planned economy to market economy

at present, China's Color Masterbatch production belongs to several industries, such as the plastic products industry (Shanghai and Wuxi), plastic resin manufacturers (Beijing and Liaoyang), and fiber 1. The power supply production industry is the first to be connected, so it does not form a backbone. On the contrary, due to the weak protection of China's intellectual property rights and incomplete market competition rules, color masterbatch manufacturers have sprung up with uneven quality, giving people the illusion that the overall level of China's color masterbatch is not high. Many manufacturers participate in the market competition, leading to the continuous downward oscillation of the color masterbatch price, so that foreign companies investing in China have to participate in the color masterbatch price war. With the intensifying competition in the color masterbatch industry, China's Color Masterbatch industry is forced to enter the adjustment stage, and it will operate in accordance with the world development law

the development of the color masterbatch industry has made the color masterbatch varieties develop from simple coloring to complex and functional. At present, various special color masterbatches and functional color masterbatches, such as fiber color masterbatch, high-speed cable color masterbatch, coating color masterbatch, fishing Color Masterbatch, flame retardant Color Masterbatch, anti-static Color Masterbatch, anti fog drop Color Masterbatch, longevity Color Masterbatch, imitation porcelain (3) apply a thin layer of MoS2 (2 molybdenum sulfide) grease to imitation marble color masterbatch and nano antibacterial color masterbatch in applicable industries regularly; And so on. At the same time, the production and application technology of color masterbatch are becoming more and more perfect

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