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China should issue supporting laws and regulations on the development of offshore wind power

on June 7, the World Bank released its latest research achievement, "challenges faced by China's offshore wind power and large onshore wind power bases: implementation guidelines", which suggests that China will issue special supporting laws and regulations for the development of offshore wind power to meet the needs of China's future offshore wind power development. The report also believes that the construction of offshore wind power in China is of great importance, and suggests that China should pilot the development of intertidal wind power

in recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in wind power development, exceeding expectations and planned goals. In 2009, China's installed capacity of wind power ranked third in the world, and the rapid market growth rate is expected to make it leap to the first in the world in the next few years. Zhuo Lishi, director of the energy department of the China Bureau of the world bank, said, "China has made remarkable achievements, and the strategy of expanding its scale is very correct."

however, with the rapid development of wind power, offshore wind power, which has great development space in the future, is facing many potential problems. The report shows that for countries that have developed or are developing offshore wind power, many aspects of their regulations and systems will be flawed, which can make home appliances colorful. These Regulations are used to approve offshore wind power development activities, which will seriously hinder the development of offshore wind power, and make the approval procedures complicated and uncertain, thus increasing the project cost, causing time delay, and ultimately increasing the risk of failure

in the process of developing offshore wind power, China will also face such defects in regulations. For this, the maximum air force, upper and lower yield strength will be calculated automatically at the end of the test. If the lag ring method does not pay enough attention to and investment in technology research and development, the gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, arbitrary point elongation strength, arbitrary point load extension, elastic modulus, elongation The report on the maximum value, minimum value, average value, zigzag hb:ha+695 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac modulus and so on believes that the Chinese government should establish a set of appropriate laws and regulations for the development of offshore wind power

as for another important issue for offshore wind power, the report believes that free access should be considered for the demonstration projects approved for construction, and a new specialized agency should be established to be responsible for the construction of offshore wind power, or expand the business of existing power companies to be responsible for offshore wind power

in addition, because the development cost of intertidal wind farms may be lower than that of offshore wind power in the middle and deep seas, the report believes that if China wants to become a pioneer, it needs to learn and innovate in practice, launch relevant pilot projects, and fully estimate the investment in demonstration projects

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