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China railway construction heavy industry signed zte3630 earth pressure shield contract with Iran -- won the first order of high-end equipment going to sea

China railway construction heavy industry signed zte3630 earth pressure shield contract with Iran -- won the first order of high-end oil delivery valve closing equipment going to sea

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recently, China railway construction heavy industry signed a sales contract with Iran's generalmechanical company for zte3630 earth pressure balance shield machine, which can be automatically completed on the accounting machine through the mouse during the 1-CUT experimental operation for Tehran sewer construction. This is the first order of CRCC heavy industry shield exported overseas, marking that CRCC heavy industry shield has won the favor of foreign markets while occupying half of the domestic market and winning domestic recognition

the full name of shield machine is shield tunneling machine, which is an important high-tech tunnel construction equipment. Over the past few years, CRCC heavy industry has actively given full play to the advantages of the construction industry, made full use of the long-term accumulated construction technology and construction experience of CRCC, adhered to the independent innovation mode of giving priority to original innovation and supplemented by integrated innovation, and has undertaken and participated in six national 863 plans, National Science and technology support plan projects, national key new product plans, and major science and technology projects in many provinces and cities, The self-developed tunnel shield/tbm with completely independent intellectual property rights is widely used in subway projects, railway and coal mine projects in Changsha, Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and other cities. At present, the domestic market share ranks first. In overseas operations, CRCC heavy industry firmly seized the important strategic opportunity period of global economic adjustment, highlighted the business characteristics of personalized customization and one-stop service, actively changed from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, provided personalized customized solutions according to customers' personalized needs, and provided customers with all-round and life-cycle services

it is reported that the shield machine won the bid this time is used for the excavation of the sewage tunnel in Tehran, Iran. The total length of the tunnel is 12km, and the minimum turning radius is 100m. The completion of the tunnel construction of the project puts forward high requirements for the reliability and geological adaptability of the shield machine equipment for long-distance tunneling. CRCC heavy industries began to participate in the project bidding in June, 2013, during which the two sides conducted many technical and commercial clarifications and communications, and initially reached a purchase intention. In November 2014, China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. specially invited the leaders of Tehran sewer project construction company generalmechanical company and owner Tehran sewer company to visit Changsha. Generalmechanical company and owner Tehran sewer company highly praised the development speed of China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. and were quite satisfied with its design, manufacturing and after-sales service capabilities

subsequently, the two sides conducted many in-depth discussions and exchanges on the shield used in Tehran sewer project in China and Iran. With solid technical capabilities, excellent shield machine performance and high-quality after-sales service guarantee ability, CRCC heavy industry stood out among many shield machine bidders. An adjustable range allows users to test impact with a more suitable range and win the bid. Next, CRCC heavy industry will organize advantageous resources and go all out to do a good job in design, manufacturing, production, on-site assembly and commissioning, trial tunneling and post service with high quality and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction

the signing of the shield contract means that the group's complete shield products have officially begun to go abroad, taking the first step to go abroad. At present, CRCC heavy industry is stepping up overseas marketing construction, training overseas marketing, business and technical service talents, and stepping up the pace of going abroad to win international reputation through intelligent algorithm gate. At the same time, many well-known companies from Iran and surrounding countries will be invited to visit when this shield machine starts tunneling. This project will also provide a new opportunity for our company to show its strength and promote shield brands overseas

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