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The rapid development of China Railway Container Transportation

railway container transportation can not only reflect the concept of efficient, fast, economic and other modern transportation, but also is an important means to achieve multimodal transport, especially the rapid development of foreign trade economy will stimulate the further growth of container transportation demand. At the same time, with the improvement of China's industrial development level and the adjustment of industrial structure, the growth momentum of high-end and sophisticated products is strong, and the role of railway container transportation in social and economic development is becoming increasingly prominent. Actively improve various measures and vigorously develop multimodal transport

in recent years, with the sustained and rapid growth of China's national economy, the demand for social freight transportation has been growing steadily, and the requirements for transportation quality have been increasing. In the practice of implementing leapfrog development, it is urgent to actively explore the modern transportation organization mode, constantly speed up the marketization process, and establish and improve the marketing mechanism. Driven by import exchange servo electromechanical drive I. current situation of railway container transportation development in December 2003, China Railway re integrated the mode of container transportation originally undertaken by 14 railway bureaus, and established China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd. to be specially responsible for railway container transportation, forming a container transportation network covering the whole road and a standardized and unified container transportation market. The specialized operation of railway container transportation can effectively use the limited transport capacity resources, improve efficiency, expand the scope of attraction, and increase the volume of container transportation. The integrity and scale of container transportation have been strengthened, with more prominent network advantages and clearer subjects. In 2004, a total of 3.112 million TEU and 59.52 million tons of containers were sent. Facts have proved that this decision has been successful. The container train has a good momentum. In 2004, 6758 container trains were operated. Among them, a total of 160 double deck container trains from Beijing to Shanghai have been operated; 245 special box trains; 2477 international container trains have aroused great repercussions in the international logistics industry. The construction of container central stations was accelerated. In 2004, Kunming and Shanghai Luchaogang central stations have been under construction. Integration and upgrading of container transportation informatization construction. Completed the upgrading of container tracking system; The dynamic query system of container special vehicle is developed, which realizes the functions of location query, inventory and turnover time statistics of container special vehicle; A unified container bill management and clearing system has been established. The level of container transportation technology and equipment has been improved. The railway now has 203000 TEU of various containers, 8930 special flat cars for containers and 350000 tarpaulins. In 2004, 190 double deck container special vehicles and 400 48 foot containers were purchased and put into operation; Updated container handling machinery; The special flat car was reconstructed and repaired. The service quality of container transportation has been continuously improved. Container companies have formed a standardized transportation market covering the whole road; Improve the customer service system and maintain the stability of transportation safety; The implementation of "buy it now" for container transportation has improved the transparency of freight rates by allowing you to see the "buy it now" for containers of various container types and three states from the station to all stations on the road. Breakthroughs have been made in the reform of the container transportation system. The container company successfully completed the establishment of 18 branches; Completed the equity acquisition of Dalian Tielong Co., Ltd. and became the controlling shareholder, achieved a breakthrough in the investment and financing mode of railway professional transportation, and created conditions for the next overall listing of the company; Taking the opportunity of the construction and financing of the container central station, we accelerated the investment attraction and obtained a number of intentional joint venture and cooperation agreements. In the first half of 2005, container companies expanded reproduction and made efforts to increase transportation and income. Strengthen the organization and expand the operation of trains. Organizations at all levels of the company have always adhered to the development direction of container transportation scheduling, strengthened the development and organization of scheduling, and made efforts to expand the number of scheduled trains on the basis of maintaining the existing scheduling. From January to June, 4561 container trains were operated, and 373000 TEU containers were sent, accounting for 28% of the transportation volume. Among them, there are 4075 five fixed trains and 486 direct trains. Expand special case transportation services according to market demand. From January to June, the delivery volume of special boxes completed 148000 TEU, with a year-on-year increase of 32.7%; The transportation revenue was 536 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.5%, of which the container usage fee was 86 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.4%. Among them, the folding bench box sent 81000 TEU, an increase of 31.3% year-on-year; A total of 25000 TEU were sent from double-layer car boxes, with a year-on-year increase of 56.5%. Expand international trains and expand the industry popularity of Chinese railways and companies. In 2005, it also developed Hohhot Frankfurt, Tanggu Finland, Lianyungang Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Tianjin and other trains (special trains); At the same time, actively cooperate and participate in the business development of the Pan Asian Northern Corridor (n.e.w). From January to June, 312 international container trains were launched under the "Green Plan", and 27504teu containers were sent. Through joint efforts, 1.32 million TEU of transmission boxes were completed in the first half of 2005. All relevant technical efficiency indicators have been significantly improved. The average income of standard boxes reached 1934.8 yuan, an increase of 86.7 yuan or 4.7% over the same period last year. The average haul distance was 1450 kilometers, an increase of 65 kilometers or 4.7% over last year; The turnover time of special container flat cars is 3.87 days, and the turnover time of containers is 33.3 days, which is 0.23 days shorter and 0.4 days higher than last year respectively. 2、 Focus on key work to ensure the continuous and rapid development of China Railway Container Transportation (I) tap potential and expand capacity, strengthen transportation organization, and ensure the completion of transportation production task indicators. 1. Build a train network and increase transportation channels. In accordance with the principle of "heavy going back, long-distance high price, daily operation, lasting stability", according to the flow and direction of containers between hubs and the distribution of stations in the road, the company will, on the basis of the existing point-to-point trains, Between Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang and other hubs, high-density container five fixed trains are operated by means of transit and extension, forming the basic framework of the express train network; In addition, try to set up triangular circulation and quadrangular circulation trains between three and four o'clock. Container trains should strive to use all special flat cars, fixed marshalling and circular transportation, and be uniformly prefixed with a set of prefix trains. Container trains are contracted and organized by the company, which implements professional management. Container dispatchers at all levels are responsible for the organization of train transportation. 2. Strengthen marketing work, adjust product structure, and vigorously carry out market development and marketing work focusing on container train transportation. First, while optimizing the transportation organization of Beijing Shanghai double deck trains, we should increase publicity, enhance popularity and improve the quality of operation; Second, expand the operation of dairy products and automobile trains, and improve the brand image of container transportation; Third, carry out whole process transportation services, develop warehousing, distribution, distribution and other businesses, and provide sufficient resource support for trains; Fourth, improve the port environment, expand land bridge transportation, and increase international container traffic. Fully promote international container transportation. Make full use of the cooperation opportunities with the president of the United States to promote the launching of railway boxes and expand the international market; On the basis of doing a good job in the transportation of Continental Bridge trains, we will strengthen the development of two-way sea freight container trains from ports to mainland cities, and strive to add 3-5 influential train lines in the near future; We will strengthen the work of China Russia China Kazakhstan mutual use of containers and renew the agreement on the exchange of large tonnage containers between China and Russia as soon as possible. Continue to do a good job in the transportation of special cases. On the basis of doing a good job in car box trains, vigorously expand the value-added business of automobile logistics. Promote the trial operation of steel and imported logs on folding bench containers, and explore the feasibility of developing the transportation market of railway refrigerated containers and chemical tank containers. 3. Improve the operation indicators, further improve the transportation efficiency, take effective measures, tap the potential and increase efficiency, improve the transportation efficiency of container flat cars and containers, compress the turnover time of container cars, extend the average transportation distance, increase the container revenue, and seek benefits from efficiency. (2) Speed up the construction of infrastructure and improve the level and capacity of technical equipment. First, speed up the construction and promote the implementation plan to ensure that the Shanghai center station will be put into operation by the end of the year, and the Kunming central station will complete the planned progress, and strive to achieve the commencement plan and construction tasks of this year issued by the Ministry. Second, we should promote the transformation of special office stations and speed up the layout adjustment of container handling stations. The special office stations that meet the development conditions should be transformed as soon as possible to adapt to the operation of trains and form some capacity. Third, speed up the construction of information system, cooperate with the centralized pilot, and do a good job in the modification and improvement of relevant systems and the setting of channel ports; Complete the development and commissioning of the central station information management system to ensure that it can be put into operation synchronously with the infrastructure project. Fourth, expand equipment and technology updates, and properly arrange the operation of the second batch of frontal cranes to maximize their effectiveness; Do a good job in the location, installation and application of container safety inspectors. (3) Seizing the opportunity, concentrating on and ensuring the success of the centralized handling pilot, centralized handling of container transportation is an important reform launched by the Ministry of Railways after the reform of the station and depot system directly managed by the railway bureau this year. The pilot work of centralized handling of railway container transportation is carried out in 8 regions and 69 stations under Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Urumqi Railway Bureau and Guangzhou Railway Group Based on the principle of centralized charging, customer convenience and priority transportation, the container company is responsible for the container acceptance, transportation and delivery business, unified acceptance plan, unified charge and unified provision of transportation services. The company is responsible for the whole process of customers, and the fees are cleared according to the regulations and cooperation agreement. The implementation of centralized handling of container transportation is conducive to giving full play to the networking, specialization and scale advantages of railway container transportation, further strengthening the transportation organization and management, improving the marketing service level, solving many problems such as multiple external, disorderly competition, low efficiency and difficult to fulfill service commitments, improving the competitiveness of the company by 2020 and building a container transportation brand, Strive to achieve the goal of "two 50%" (the number of container trains exceeds 50% of the total number of freight trains, and the volume of container trains exceeds 50% of the total volume of containers). Container companies should do a good job in all related work. First, select competent cadres and business backbones to take charge of this work to ensure the smooth implementation of centralized handling; Second, according to the Ministry of Railways and the company to handle the promotion table; Third, actively and closely cooperate with the railway administration to coordinate and communicate seriously and actively; Fourth, strengthen the construction of road style in the pilot areas and put an end to road style incidents; Fifth, do a good job in the construction and setup of centralized information systems and channels to ensure that they are enabled on time. Looking at the future, China's railway container transportation is developing greatly. In the next 10 years, the company will comprehensively improve its transportation capacity, technical equipment level and service level by comprehensively implementing the leap forward development strategy and taking the road of joint operation, joint operation and internationalization. With the general trend of economic globalization, the demand for international multimodal transport is increasing, and the requirements are also increasing, which is both a severe challenge and a development opportunity for China railway container. This is due to the acceleration of urbanization

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