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On the eve of new year's Day 2015, a good news came from abroad: China Railway Tunnel Group successfully undertook the construction task of t221 underground tunnel rectangular shield project in Singapore, opening a new era for China Railway Tunnel Group's shield technology to move towards the overseas medium and high-end market

as the largest construction contractor in the field of tunnel and underground engineering in China, China Railway Tunnel Group has always been the leader of shield technology in China. "Since the introduction of the first TBM (tunnel boring machine) from abroad in 1997, China Railway Tunnel Group has successfully applied shield technology to large-scale tunnel construction for many times through introduction, digestion, absorption, transformation and innovation." Hongkairong, chief engineer of China Railway Tunnel Group, said

nowadays, China railway tunnel group drives shield tunneling across rivers and oceans, leading the development of shield technology into a new era

innovation driven

China's shield machine has advanced to the forefront of the world

Chinese people's contact and understanding of shield machines began in 1965. But in the following decades, R & D and manufacturing work has been difficult and slow. In recent years, although more than 10 domestic enterprises are engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of shield machines, most of their products rely on import assembly. Entering the new century, the speed of tunnel construction in China has developed rapidly, and it has been called "tunnel power" in the world. However, in terms of large-scale equipment widely used in tunnel engineering construction, Chinese enterprises are still lack of independent "blood creation"

in the early 1990s, the researchers of China Railway Tunnel Group began the research and development of shield technology by taking the original and simplest design drawings as teaching materials and the shield machine construction site as a classroom

at that time, Xikang railway, a national key project of the ninth five year plan, was launched. Among them, the Qinling tunnel, with a total length of 18.46 kilometers, is the throat project of the whole line. The geological conditions are complex, and the length ranked first in the domestic tunnel construction at that time. In order to solve the engineering problems, the Ministry of Railways spent a huge sum of money to purchase two open full face Hard Rock Roadheader from the German wilt company. The builders and researchers of China Railway Tunnel Group seized this rare opportunity to construct in the process of learning. Learning in the process of construction not only ensured the advance connection of the Qinling super long tunnel, but also clearly understood the principle, performance and structure of this set of roadheader

as the "national team" in the field of domestic tunnel and underground engineering construction, China railway tunnel group insists on revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology, and has successively undertaken the important topics of "863" and "973" on shield technology, and the independent research and development ability of shield technology continues to improve. Chief engineer hongkairong is the witness of this process. He said: "the group company continues to expand the strength of shield equipment, organize internal training, promote school enterprise cooperation, carry out internal and external exchanges, actively study and explore the cutting-edge technology of shield construction, promote the leap of shield construction level, and maintain the core competitive advantage of the shield technology industry."

In 2001, the Ministry of science and technology included the development of key technologies of earth pressure balance shield in the robot scientific research project in the automation field of the "863" plan, and decided to complete the independent design of shield machine in a relatively short time, opening the prelude to the industrialization of shield machine in China

the heavy responsibility falls on the shoulders of China Railway Tunnel Group. In 2002, China Railway Tunnel Group was successfully shortlisted in the National 863 program. The R & D team carried forward the spirit of daring to bite the hard bone, conducted in-depth research and Analysis on foreign shield technology, adhered to the combination of construction practice and laboratory research and development according to China's geological characteristics, and conquered the cutter head tool and formation adaptability technology 1 right angle tearing, precise settlement control technology, standard discharge technology of muddy water treatment, and hot work repair cutter head tool technology under compressed air conditions, Build a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights. These "four technologies" are just like an "assembly line", which solves the technical problems of "excavation", "stability", "drainage" and "good repair" of slurry shield under different stratum conditions

on January 18, 2013, the "key technology and industrialization of independent design and manufacturing of shield equipment" completed by China Railway Tunnel Group and other units won the first prize of the 2012 National Science and technology progress award

crossing rivers and oceans

open a new chapter in shield construction technology

the earth inhabited by human beings has undergone countless vicissitudes over the past millions of years, and countless mysteries are hidden in the earth's crust. Clay layer, sediment layer, limestone, granite, quicksand, underground river, gravel, Boulder... The complex geological structure sets up obstacles for tunnel construction that needs to cross rivers. The builders of China railway tunnel group used their wisdom to overcome difficulties, solve problems, and create unique shield construction achievements

the first tunnel of the Yangtze River to overcome difficulties. The Wuhan Yangtze River tunnel, known as the "first tunnel of the Yangtze River with a total length of 3630 meters, has two tunnels and two-way four lanes. China Railway Tunnel Group encountered many unexpected difficulties in building this traffic artery across the Yangtze River

Wuhan has complex geological conditions, including clay, silt, silty fine sand, pebbles, and rock strata. The upper soft and lower hard stratum is the "strong enemy" of tunnel excavation. Under such geological conditions, the construction of large cross-section will face five world-class technical problems: first, the tunneling posture is difficult to control, and the shield machine is very easy to deviate when crossing the uneven soft and hard geology; The second is the high water pressure. The tunnel is 57 meters deep from the water surface to the bottom. The pressure of the river water is great, and preventing the tunnel from being permeable is the biggest difficulty; The third is ultra shallow burial. The shield machine in some sections is only 5 to 6 meters away from the ground. It is very difficult to cross the Yangtze River levee without "disturbing" ground buildings; Fourth, it is strongly permeable. Most of the two sides of the tunnel are silty fine sand strata. Once permeable, the consequences are unimaginable; Fifth, long-distance tunneling. Due to the great geological changes, the shield machine should cross more than 2500 meters at a time as far as possible

the magic weapon of the builders of China Railway Tunnel Group to "defeat the enemy" is strong technical support and information management. For example, the automatic laser guidance system is used, together with manual measurement, to keep the shield machine without any deviation; Create E. automatic optimization of graph curve scale auto scale adopts "air cushion mud water balance technology" to reduce the fluctuation of shield tunneling and control the water and soil settlement within 3cm

in May, 2007, the project "structural design and engineering application of segment materials for high impermeability and long life large diameter tunnel" included in the "863" program passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology. This kind of tunnel segment is specially developed for Wuhan Yangtze River tunnel, and the target service life is 100 years, so as to ensure the service life of the Yangtze River tunnel

chief engineer Hong Kairong believes that Wuhan Yangtze River tunnel has many innovations in scientific research technology and information construction, marking that China's tunnel technology across rivers, lakes and seas is close to the world's advanced level, and has played a very valuable demonstration role

Xiamen is connected to Xiang'an. A tunnel passes through it so that light can pass through the membrane graben. Xiamen Xiang'an Subsea Tunnel is 8.695 kilometers long, including 6.05 kilometers long and 4.2 kilometers wide across the sea. It is the first subsea tunnel in mainland China

in September 2005, the builders of China Railway Tunnel Group entered the construction site of Xiamen Xiang'an Subsea Tunnel. At the beginning of the project, the construction of large cross-section ultra shallow buried and concealed excavation in completely strongly weathered weak strata was encountered. Xiang'an Tunnel is a special three hole design, with an excavation width of 17.5 meters. The land sections at both ends of the tunnel are all mud formed after weathering, and the hole cannot be formed. The steel arch is used to support it, and the heavy fully weathered layer is pressed down, so that the settlement of the steel support exceeds 20 cm of the technical permission, reaching 50 cm ~ 60 cm

the constructors of China Railway Tunnel Group creatively adopted CRD construction method and double wall heading method for construction. The large section was divided into 3~5 small sections, which were excavated and supported in turn. The pressure of the soil layer was cleverly decomposed, and the construction was smoothly promoted. This project has created the fastest tunneling record in the country under the same conditions

in the excavation of Xiang'an Tunnel, the biggest obstacle was encountered - completely strongly weathered deep groove. Weathering deep trough is like mud connected with seawater, which is a very complex phenomenon in the seabed geological structure. The tunnel needs to pass through the mud embedded in the rock stratum. If the sea water passes through the synchronous gear belt and drives the lead screw to rotate and load, it will squeeze into the narrow tunnel site, and the project may be completely scrapped

engineers and technicians finally designed a new full face curtain grouting technology through experiments and repeated demonstrations. This technology is to mix a new type of fast drying composite cement into slurry, drill holes and inject grout around the excavation section, so that the mud, gravel and rock in the weathering groove can be condensed into cement blocks, so as to form a 5-meter-thick water blocking and reinforcement wall to prevent the influx of seawater. When the technical parameters meet the requirements, the construction personnel will take out the mud block and use the reinforcement ring to preliminarily excavate and support the tunnel, so that the deformation is strictly controlled within 3 cm ~ 6 cm, so as to form the prototype of the tunnel. The construction of Xiang'an Tunnel has broken through many world-class problems and achieved more than 30 scientific research achievements, providing valuable experience for the comprehensive construction of subsea tunnel

cross the lion ocean and set a benchmark for the "century". Shiziyang Tunnel, the control project of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway, is the longest and highest standard shield tunnel in Chinese Mainland at present, and it is also the first underwater railway tunnel put into construction in China. It has a total length of 10.8 kilometers, a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour and a maximum water depth of 26.6 meters. Whether in terms of length, diameter or speed target value, Shiziyang Tunnel can be compared with world-class subsea tunnels such as the British French channel tunnel, the Tokyo Bay Subsea Tunnel, the Danish Swedish subsea tunnel, and is known as the "China Railway century tunnel". The construction of this "century tunnel" by China Railway Tunnel Group has attracted the attention of peers at home and abroad

on November 9, 2007, with the successful launching of the "crossing" shield, Shiziyang Tunnel entered a critical shield construction stage. The water depth makes tunnel construction particularly difficult; Many places where the tunnel passes through the stratum are fault zones and weathered deep grooves, which are easy to wear the cutter head; The shield machine is tunneling nearly 3000 meters in the weakly weathered bedrock. During the construction, it needs to enter the warehouse under pressure to check and replace the cutting tools, which are world-class problems

China Railway Tunnel Group has set a strategic goal: to build the century project and build a world brand. The builders used four large section slurry shield machines with a diameter of 11.18 meters with international advanced level for construction, and for the first time in China, they adopted the method of "opposite construction, butt joint in the ground and disintegration in the tunnel"

chief engineer hongkairong served as the project manager, infiltrating and integrating fine management, information management and cultural management, and formulating a series of cost control and process connection systems, which will be specific to each process and everyone, implementing the whole process control, and finding a new way of modern project management

in December 2010 and March 2011, the left and right lines of Shiziyang Tunnel were connected respectively

through the construction of Shiziyang Tunnel, the builders of China Railway Tunnel Group have mastered the optimal construction parameters of shield tunneling, settlement control measures and Slurry Shield Crossing Technology, realized the rapid tunneling in the complex geology of the seabed, and also improved the autonomous technical ability of shield machine disassembly and assembly. In addition, due to its excellent management level, in the 23rd

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