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Aiming at the medium and high-end demand, Hitachi is still optimistic about China

under the background of the "new normal" of China's macroeconomic transformation from high-speed to medium and high-speed growth, the research and judgment of foreign brands, an important participant in the micro field, on the Chinese market is a topic of concern to the industry. As a multinational company rooted in China for more than 30 years, Hitachi Group's business covers many fields, such as power, energy, urban construction and so on. In the context of the new normal of China's macroeconomic transformation from high-speed to medium high-speed growth, the research and judgment of foreign brands, an important participant in the micro field, on the Chinese market is a topic of concern to the industry. As a multinational company rooted in China for more than 30 years, Hitachi Group's business covers many fields, such as power, energy, urban construction and so on

Hitachi (full name: Hitachi Production Co., Ltd.) recently released a new phase of China business strategy in Beijing. From this new strategy, it is not difficult to see that Hitachi is still optimistic about the adjusted Chinese market. In an interview with China industry daily, the company's executive general representative for China, Kenichi Okubo, said that China has taken many targeted economic measures and the economic structure is in the process of adjustment. Hitachi will keep up with China's economic transformation and seek greater development space

how to take the lead in the frequent occurrence of black swan events

with the acceleration of globalization and digitalization, people's values and social environment also show a trend of diversification, innovative services using digital technology continue to emerge, and great changes are taking place in business rules and business models, products and lifestyles

in the past year, the British seceded from the European Union, natural disasters, wars and other events that exceeded people's expectations, such as black swan pressure testing machine, electronic universal testing machine or spring testing machine, occurred frequently. It can be said that we are in an era full of uncertainty. Toshihiro tohara, executive president and CEO of Hitachi Group, told the China business strategy briefing meeting of Hitachi Group

how to treat the black swan incident correctly? Akira tohara once communicated with Mr. Nassim, the author of the Book Black Swan, and was deeply impressed that people often miss important data because of the inherent concept that swans are white. In this era, we must realize that everything is possible

in the economic field, the global digital process is accelerating. North America has industrial interconnection, Europe has industry 4.0, and China has proposed made in China 2025. With industrial and social infrastructure as the center, various innovations emerge in endlessly. Dongyuan minzhao believes that with the digitalization process, people's preferences are also changing, from goods to results, from possession to common ownership, from closed to open, from individual best to all best. Such paradigm shifts follow

in such an environment, Hitachi will carry out social innovation through the combination of on-site system ot (operation technology) and it (Information Technology) supporting operation, which have been cultivated for many years in the cause of social infrastructure, as well as rich products and systems, and strive to take the lead in the tide of digitalization. 4. In addition to conventional creep and lasting experiments

China is our largest overseas market

the 2018 medium-term business plan released by Hitachi shows that the company should strive to become an innovation partner in the IOT era and take its arithmetic average value, expand social innovation globally through digital technology, and strive to increase the proportion of sales outside Japan to 55% in 2018

China is already Hitachi's largest market outside Japan (in countries). The general representative of Hitachi China, Kenichi Okubo, told that Hitachi would continue to make positive contributions to the sustainable development of Chinese society and the improvement of people's quality of life by carrying out social innovation. Considering the importance of the Chinese market, Hitachi set the location of the global board meeting in China for the first time. Global directors gathered in Beijing to discuss China's social and economic trends and Hitachi's business strategy

we learned that Hitachi's global business involves many fields, such as power, energy, finance, health care and so on, and provides solutions through collaborative innovation with customers. As of March 2016, Hitachi Group has 180 group enterprises in China, with more than 40000 regular employees. Its sales in the Chinese market account for about 11% of Hitachi's total global sales

Hitachi Group's 2018 China business strategy defines the two pillars of continuing to strengthen product manufacturing and expand business segments in line with China's development direction, and aims to increase China's sales to 1.1 trillion yen (about 66.3 billion yuan) in 2018. This means that the compound annual growth rate of Hitachi's sales in China from 2016 to 2018 is more than 10%

can Hitachi achieve the above growth goals in China? Regarding the question of, Kokubo Xianyi said that the Chinese market is huge and the population of the rich class is large, so many Hitachi products have a place to play. About 85% of Hitachi's sales of 1.05 trillion yen in China in 2015 were produced and sold in China

Kokubo Xianyi also mentioned that the GDP of China's economy itself is already very large. Although the growth rate of 6.5% is called passivation, it is still a very high growth rate. He believes that many targeted economic measures China has tried to take have achieved results. Although some manufacturing industries have stagnated, the retail industry is very prosperous

fully connect with China's strategy

at present, China's economy is in the process of transformation and upgrading, and how to find new values is very important. Kokubo Xianyi told that Hitachi attaches great importance to the 13th five year plan proposed by the Chinese government, and Hitachi's career development strategy in China will also be highly consistent with it. Hitachi sees opportunities in key strategic plans such as a healthy China, a beautiful China, a strong network, and the the Belt and Road

in terms of product sequence, Hitachi will further strengthen its high-end product line, enrich its mid-range product line, and expand maintenance services for elevator products that maintain a leading market share in China; In the automotive and electronic products industry, we will continue to provide components and machines with high reliability and excellent performance

at the same time, Hitachi will also provide a series of related solutions and services, including medical and health solutions that help hospitals operate efficiently; Realize the intellectualization of logistics industry and the digitalization of industrial circulation by using IOT to improve productivity; Popularize cutting-edge machines and systems for electric vehicles (EV), car couplets, and automatic driving

this kind of pre molding process has no negative impact on the cycle time of coating molding (the same as that of injection molding)

in the specific business layout, Hitachi will use the lumada IOT platform, which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analysis, and so on, in line with the strategies of healthy China, beautiful China, and powerful network proposed in China's 13th five year plan, to provide efficient medical care Intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing and other solutions. Hitachi also plans to bring the practical experience of integrating the Chinese program to countries along the the Belt and Road

Kokubo Xianyi said: at present, many Chinese enterprises are expanding business to Southeast Asia or Europe. Hitachi's considerations are: first, Hitachi will work with Chinese enterprises to complete the project after the third party wins the bid; At the same time, Chinese enterprises won the bid, and Hitachi will also provide parts and materials system as a partner. These two practices have been practiced at present

speaking of China's Internet power, Kenichi Okubo said: Germany's so-called industry 4.0, everyone believes that this is intelligent manufacturing, but in fact, this is only the transformation of it for production lines. What Hitachi hopes to achieve is ERP enterprise resource management system. Specifically, for example, cloud design, cloud technology, cloud procurement, and ultimately achieve cloud operation, that is, business visualization

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