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History and working principle of electronic truck scale

truck scale, commonly known as weighbridge, is the main weighing equipment for bulk cargo measurement

before the 1980s, the common truck scale was generally a mechanical truck scale constructed purely mechanically using the lever principle, also known as a mechanical weighbridge. In the mid-1980s, with the maturing of high-precision weighing sensor technology, the mechanical weighbridge was gradually replaced by the electronic truck scale with high precision, good stability and convenient operation

the spokesman of LianZhan science and technology said that it was weighed by 2 (5) sets of spare transmission gears using the principle of strain electrical measurement. A strain gauge is pasted on the elastomer of the load cell to form a Wheatstone bridge. When there is no load, the bridge is in balance and the output is zero. When the elastomer bears a load, each strain gauge will produce a strain proportional to the load, and the external load can be measured by the output voltage. For materials with low hardness (such as annealed steel, cast iron, etc.)

structural composition and working principle

1. Structural composition electronic truck scale is mainly composed of carrier, weighing display instrument (hereinafter referred to as instrument), weighing sensor (hereinafter referred to as sensor), connector, limit device, junction box and other parts, and it can also be equipped with external equipment such as large screen display, computer and regulated power supply

2. Working principle: the weighed weight or truck is placed on the table of the carrier. Under the action of gravity, the weight is transferred to the weighing sensor through the carrier, so that the elastomer of the weighing sensor is deformed, the bridge of the strain gauge attached to the elastomer is out of balance, and the electrical signal in direct proportion to the weight value is output, and the signal is amplified by the linear amplifier. Then it is converted into digital signal by a/d, and the weight signal is processed by the microprocessor (CPU) of the instrument, and then the weight data is directly displayed. After the printer is configured, the weighing data can be printed and recorded. If the computer is configured, the measurement data can be input into the computer for comprehensive management of the situation management system, which will grow steadily in the next 3 to 5 years

maintenance of electronic truck scale

when the electronic truck scale fails to work, you should first find the cause of the failure according to the structure of the electronic truck scale. The easiest way to judge whether the fault occurs in the weighing sensor or the weighing display instrument is to use the sensor simulator

the load cell simulator is made according to the working principle of the resistance strain type load cell, which can simulate various loading states of the resistance strain type load cell. This simulator is similar to a DC standard voltage source, which can provide analog voltage signals of various weighing ranges to the weighing display instrument. The excitation voltage of the sensor simulator comes from the supply bridge voltage of the weighing display instrument. It is a passive signal generator. The sensor simulator can not only set and calibrate the symmetrical re display instrument in the laboratory, but also find and find the cause of the fault on site in time, so as to quickly eliminate the fault. It is an essential electronic truck scale detection and maintenance equipment

disconnect the signal cable between the junction box and the weighing display instrument, plug the socket of the sensor simulator into the weighing display instrument interface, and connect the power supply to see whether the instrument works normally. If the instrument works normally, it indicates that the fault occurred in the weighing platform and was caused by the weighing sensor or military wire box. If the instrument does not work normally, it indicates that the fault occurred in the weighing display instrument

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