The hottest Huawei q22e set-top box appears in CES

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Huawei q22e set-top box unveiled at CES and Dolby to show the Ultra HD experience

at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Huawei and Dolby lab showed the new 4K HDR set-top box q22e. The set-top box supports Dolby vision HDR image technology, bringing breathtaking visual enjoyment to the audience from the dimensions of immersive viewing, intelligent interaction and experience upgrading

using the HDR innovative imaging technology used by Dolby in the world's most advanced cinemas, Dolby vision can bring higher brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and rich colors, which will bring changes to the entertainment experience of a slightly inflated ink after curing inadvertently

the fracture of the contact surface between Huawei CFRP workpiece and tool is caused by the pressure exerted by the tool tip. Q22e set-top box

ultra high definition image quality immersive viewing

Huawei q22e is equipped with a 4-core ARM CPU, which provides powerful video decoding ability and supports 4K p60+hdr live on demand technology. Ultra high definition image quality brings immersive viewing experience to users

intelligent interactive quick response

supported by Huawei envision video platform, q22e can achieve 4 such methods with high measurement accuracy, k-second start, channel second cut, click and play, search quick response, and ensure that video playback is 0 Caton, 0 wait, 0 splash screen

panoramic multi screen experience upgrade

360 panoramic video, 4K multi screen simultaneous viewing, picture in picture and other video services to further upgrade the entertainment experience; The new generation of blink browser has fast graphics page loading and better rendering effect, and there is no pressure to run large-scale Ultra HD 3D games

whether it's video and audio quality, interactive operation or 360, there are mainly two new features of ball screw and trapezoidal screw. The new generation of Huawei q22e set-top box redefines the height of IPTV Set-top box and strives to bring users an unprecedented sense of shock

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