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Huawei played the symphony of the digital world in CeBIT 2018

from June 11 to 15, 2018, put the experimental board and the pre stripped self-adhesive label on the upper and lower or left and right chucks of the intelligent electronic tensile test or electronic stripping test machine respectively. In China and Japan, Huawei participated in CeBIT 2018 (consumer electronics, information and Communication Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany) with the theme of new ICT, moving towards the road of digital transformation, and comprehensively displayed Huawei's new vision and new technology, The new platform and new ecosystem, together with more than 100 customers and partners, jointly perform the symphony of the digital world

as one of the world's largest platforms and events for digital innovation activities, this year's newly revised CeBIT 2018 provides an all-round perspective of the digital future for enterprises, governments and Society for the first time with four major sectors: digital economy, digital technology, digital dialogue and digital parks, so that the potential of the digital world is within reach at present and in the future

Huawei displays the latest products in the new ICT fields such as cloud computing, IOT, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and digital platforms, upgraded data center, enterprise park, elte and enterprise communication solutions, as well as brand-new industry solutions in the fields of smart city, airport, finance, energy source, manufacturing, etc. with a booth of 3000 + square meters, it shares the successful practice of digital transformation and discusses the future of the digital world

Huawei has joined hands with hundreds of partners to participate in CeBIT 2018 and jointly promote the digital transformation of the industry

CeBIT symphonic symphony of digital transformation

Yan Lida, President of Huawei BG, said: Germany is the bright pearl of the European music Palace and one of the birthplaces of the symphony. The enterprise digital transformation we promote is like a symphony, which requires the collaborative performance of customers, Huawei and partners, as well as the collaborative performance of the end management cloud. In this CeBIT, Huawei's VI is a symphony of digital transformation. We will combine the successful practices in various industries around the world to show the digital platform provided by Huawei, the applications and terminals provided by partners, as well as the value brought by digital transformation to customers, and play a symphony of digital transformation together with customers and partners. In the future, every enterprise will be a digital enterprise, and every enterprise will build or become a part of the platform. Huawei enterprise business is committed to creating an innovative and open digital platform for customers, helping enterprises and institutions accelerate the integration of it and OT, technology and business, bringing the digital world into every organization and building an intelligent world of interconnected things

two exhibition areas, industry ecology + technology, comprehensively show the capabilities of digital platforms

in the industry ecology exhibition area, Huawei and hundreds of alliances and solution partners such as SAP, Honeywell, Accenture, etc. showed solutions and successful cases in six industries, including smart city, finance, manufacturing, power, transportation, and retail. For example, Huawei showed the prototype of a digital platform for smart cities for the first time, including five basic resource planning capabilities: IOT planning, big data planning, GIS one map planning, video cloud planning, and integrated communication planning, so that all kinds of basic resources of the smart city digital platform can be effectively opened to ecological partners, facilitating the rapid development and import of industry applications, and serving the governance innovation of cities. Huawei smart airport 2.0 solution also made its public debut for the first time. Based on IOT and digitalization, four departments including Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, development and Reform Commission, Department of science and technology, and Department of Finance jointly issued documents and cooperated with new ICT technologies such as cloud computing and big data to reconstruct the information flow of the airport, ensure airport safety, improve operation efficiency and revenue, and improve the experience of passengers in all links of travel

in the technology exhibition area, Huawei comprehensively displayed the latest products and solutions based on new technologies such as IOT, cloud, AI, and 5g, such as the industry-oriented IDN solution, the new generation of enterprise level full stack private cloud, the latest version of hybrid cloud solution, the upgraded IOT platform, the enterprise wireless IOT solution with further improved performance, and the newly released AI based software defined camera. It also presents Huawei's complete cloud data center solutions from energy, it to network for the first time, including a new generation of integrated private cloud solutions, intention driven cloudfabric cloud data center network solutions, distributed data warehouse fusioninsight Libra solutions, etc. Huawei also showed a park scheme that can realize diversified scene access and full life-cycle cloud management. Based on AI and big data, it can dynamically display the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves during the full security self-test, and adopt computer stop data processing and analysis automation and intellectualization

jointly release a series of blockbuster cooperation with leading industry customers and partners to play the symphony of the digital world

in the next 30 years, digitalization will reshape every industry, and intelligence will profoundly affect every enterprise. Industry leading enterprises are the leaders in promoting digital transformation. At present, 197 of the world's top 500 enterprises and 45 of the world's top 100 enterprises have chosen Huawei as a partner for digital transformation. In CeBIT 2018, Huawei and a group of leading industry enterprises found that the problem that could not be solved was to contact the manufacturers and protection personnel in time and release new cooperation content to further improve the overall solution for customers, including:

Huawei and the German city of Duisburg jointly released the Rhine cloud for the future smart city. Both sides are committed to digital municipal services and reform of the municipal government, Realize the modernization of urban infrastructure and operation mode

jointly release azure stack hybrid cloud solution with Microsoft

Huawei signs a contract with Malone and releases AI enabled retail solution

Huawei jointly builds sd-wan open ecosystem with infovista and arm and releases sd-wan joint ecological solution

this time, Huawei joins hands with partners to go to CeBIT digital transformation agreement. Huawei uses innovative and tension technology sonata, Cooperate with the ecological Minuet of global partners, echo the industrial variations of transformation and upgrading performed by customers in various industries, and jointly play the symphony of the digital world

Huawei booth is located in booth C01 of hall 13. For more information about Huawei's participation in CeBIT, please log in. To learn more about Huawei's global customer cases and Huawei's initiatives to lead the new ICT, please visit

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