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Huawei released the "white paper on Intelligent Data Center interconnection technology"

[Shenzhen, China, September 12, 2019] recently, Huawei released the industry's e-mail: mmtc@ first "white paper on Intelligent Data Center interconnection technology", which comprehensively expounds the challenges faced by data center interconnection (DCI) in the era of enterprise cloud, puts forward the views and key technologies of DCI's evolution towards intelligence, and shares the latest research results

Huawei released the white paper on Intelligent Data Center interconnection technology.

Jin Zhiguo, President of Huawei enterprise transmission and access, said: Huawei has long adhered to strategic investment and R & D innovation in the optical field. This time, we launched the white paper on Intelligent DCI technology. We hope to work with industry partners to jointly promote the number of enterprises in the future The installation foundation of the hydraulic testing machine is not firm or the anchor screws are loose. According to the central interconnection, it evolves to the direction of intelligent simplicity, large capacity and high reliability, so as to better serve the development of all walks of life

as more and more enterprises migrate their businesses to the cloud, the size and number of data centers continue to increase; At the same time, in order to further improve the user experience, cloud service providers and enterprises have gradually extended cloud computing capabilities to the edge, which puts higher requirements on the bandwidth, capacity, and transmission reliability of the data center interconnection network, and fails to grasp the situation that the type of packaging has changed in time

the white paper points out that the current data center interconnection (DCI) faces three major challenges: the shortage of data center room space and optical fiber resources, the difficulty of DCI network expansion, and the complexity of network operation and maintenance. First, with the continuous growth of DCI traffic, optical fiber resources and room space are becoming increasingly tight, and the proportion of optical fiber and cabinet rental costs is increasing. Secondly, the data center is frequently expanded, and the wavelength division equipment of DCI is the most critical time path for the expansion of the entire DC business, which is the most difficult to deploy. Finally, the traditional DCI equipment operation and maintenance is complex, which requires a high degree of specialization for the data center operation and maintenance personnel. The passive operation and maintenance method can not meet the requirements of the cloud era

the white paper also analyzes the future evolution direction of DCI solutions, key technologies and the latest practices of Huawei. First, cost control and space optimization: by expanding to super C-band, we can upgrade from 80 waves to 120 waves, and promote the commercial deployment of single wave 800g, so as to improve the transmission capacity of single fiber; Through the photoelectric common platform, improve the integration of single boards, and finally reduce the equipment cost and space occupancy. Second, start-up automation: reduce fiber connection by simplifying the optical layer, and explore configuration free and adjustment free technologies to improve the efficiency of start-up deployment, such as automatic fiber connection and automatic adjustment of light path, so as to realize 0 configuration and 0 adjustment. Third, intelligent operation and maintenance: collect parameters in real time, use powerful computing power and intelligent algorithms to achieve sub-health prediction, accurately remove obstacles, and realize the transformation from passive operation and maintenance to active operation and maintenance

Huan "welcome to download the white paper on Intelligent Data Center interconnection technology at the IWCS Conference for more information: link

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