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Huawei's U.S. R & D center will move to Canada

recently, the founder of Huawei said in an interview with Canada's globe and mail that Huawei's U.S. R & D center will move to Canada. It is understood that Huawei research and development in the United States has been suppressed by the U.S. government. Recently, the founder of Huawei said in an interview with the global mail that Huawei research and development center in the United States will move to Canada

it is understood that under the pressure of the U.S. government, Huawei's U.S. R & D center has reduced 600 employees this year, and the current number of employees is about 250. Not only that, when the instigator alarms, it must be replaced immediately. Huawei will also set up a new factory in Europe for the production of 5g equipment. The project aims to develop a kind of packaging plant that can be applied to dairy products. Huawei's move not only dispels external concerns about the safety of Huawei products, but also has a considerable market capacity abroad, and can better serve the local 5g procurement demand in Europe

just two days before Ren Zhengfei said he would relocate the U.S. R & D center, because the restriction effect of the real name list on Huawei was not ideal, he was planning to increase the prevention of the transmission of high-tech products using U.S. technology to China, in order to achieve the purpose of restricting Huawei

in fact, since the US crackdown, Huawei has started the process of de Americanization. At present, storage products are one of the important devices that restrict Huawei's centralized purchase. At present, Huawei has embarked on the research and development of storage chips; And recently began to layout power management, Xinneng 5. For complex shaped specimens, the core device IGBT with corresponding shape cushion block source control should be adopted

externally, Huawei remains open and cooperative, and increases cooperation with non-U.S. suppliers. In this round of key component replacement, Chinese domestic enterprises have benefited a lot

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