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Huawei releases 5g oriented discrete spectrum aggregation elte

during the 2018 Hannover international information and Communication Technology Expo (cebit2018), Huawei released a 4.5g based, 5g oriented elte DSA (full name elte discrete spectrum aggregation) solution to help build a full-service ubiquitous energy IOT, which can provide energy customers with higher rate, lower delay A wide range of access solutions with more terminal connections and lower power consumption

Photos of the launch ceremony of Huawei elte DSA

Ji Xiang, President of the energy industry sales department of Huawei's enterprise business, attended the launch ceremony and delivered a speech. In the power industry, Huawei proposed a new ICT, bit driven Watt, which is committed to bringing the digital world into every power enterprise. This time, Huawei smart power appeared in CeBIT in 2018 with a number of innovative achievements, among which wireless discrete spectrum aggregation technology is a killer new technology for the field of power distribution

with the gradual increase of the proportion of clean energy and the upgrading of energy consumption mode, building energy interconnection is an important means to promote the energy revolution, promote the development of clean energy and realize the sustainable development of energy. IOT is the foundation of energy interconnection. With its unique advantages of reliability, ubiquity, economy and flexibility, wireless technology is the best access means to develop energy IOT at present

spectrum is the basis for the construction of wireless specialized industry, and it is also the core challenge of the construction of wireless specialized industry. The energy industry used to use vhf/uhf [VHF (30~300mhz)/UHF (300~3000mhz)] narrowband data transmission radio technology, which has technical defects such as low communication rate, large time delay, small capacity, large power consumption, and cannot meet the development needs of the energy IOT. In the face of the development needs of the energy IOT, based on its leading edge in the wireless communication field, which has been able to customize for many years according to the specific situation of the user's local area, Huawei has launched the lte-dsa solution, which aggregates the discrete narrowband spectrum to achieve an end-to-end minimum delay of 20ms, a maximum of 4000 users in a single cell, a single user transmission rate from Kbps to Mbps, and the minimum static power consumption of the module can reach 0.15w, It not only solves the efficient utilization of spectrum, but also improves the capacity and performance of the network, so that the energy industry can start to build 5g oriented energy IOT from now on

sunzhentao, President of Huawei's enterprise wireless business, said: wireless enabling is ubiquitous in the energy IOT, which has become the basis of energy interconnection; 4.5g c-iot lays the foundation for the interconnection of everything. 5g enables a fully digital society from people to things. With its leading technology advantages in 4.5g and 5g, Huawei has quickly built a 4.5g based and 5g oriented elte DSA solution. In the field of smart electricity, Huawei and State Grid Corporation of China have made joint innovation based on the 230MHz LTE DSA scheme, and have been tested and certified in the China Academy of electrical technology. It is expected that the pilot will be first used in the third quarter of this year. From China to the world, elte DSA will help build global energy interconnection

facing the future, Huawei will adhere to open cooperation and commit itself to ICT technology, which is the first to complete the installation of cover plate printing paper in the world, so as to create greater value for the digital transformation of industry customers, work together to build a better all-in-one, and make the samples slide into the world in the experimental process

Huawei Company Profile

Huawei is the world's leading provider of ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and intelligent terminals. It is committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and building a smart world with interconnected things. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of communication networks, it, intelligent terminals and cloud services, and open cooperation with ecological partners to continue to create value for customers, release personal potential, enrich family life, and stimulate organizational innovation. Huawei adheres to continuous innovation based on customer needs, increases investment in basic research, accumulates and promotes world progress. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private enterprise with employees holding all shares. At present, it has 180000 employees and its business covers more than 170 countries and regions. For more details, please refer to Hua Weiguan:

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