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Huawei released a series of solutions for agile data center

Huawei, the world's leading solution provider in the information and communication field, released a series of solutions for agile data center to the world during the 2012 Huawei Cloud Computing Conference held in Shanghai

Huawei has accumulated in the field of data center for more than 10 years. From providing traditional data center solutions in 2001 to the release and successful commercial use of cloud data center in 2011, Huawei has been continuously and massively investing in data center research and development, and has accumulated rich experience in data center construction, management, operation and maintenance. Manufacturers should add corresponding control systems. By 2012, Huawei has helped customers around the world build more than 200 data centers, including the world's largest China Mobile north base with an area of more than 300000 square meters, the National Information Center, Shanghai's first medical cloud, and so on. Not only that, Huawei's own 20 years of enterprise development and its own data center construction and operation and maintenance practice also make Huawei more experience in the expansion of data center business

in order to adapt to today's uncertain economic environment and help customers achieve three key business needs: protecting it investment, rapid expansion and excellent operation, Huawei, with the theme of "agile data center, managing business change", has released three data center solutions, namely, manageone data center to meet market demand management, micro data center and integrated test cloud. Combined with the data center solutions released in the early stage, Huawei explained the agile way of data center from three levels: flexible and efficient it, fast it and agile business

manageone data center management plan to protect customers' IT investment

rapidly expanding enterprises are facing the unified management problems of the original it system, new IT system and heterogeneous equipment

Huawei launched the manageone data center management solution, which integrates business operation and it infrastructure operation and maintenance, and provides a comprehensive operation and service management solution for the data center. Huawei manageone data center management solution supports centralized management of multiple data centers and has the following three characteristics: first, it is the first in the industry to integrate physical devices such as communication and computer room energy for unified management in addition to traditional devices such as servers and storage, so as to realize integrated management in the data center; Secondly, support the integration of traditional data centers and cloud data centers, and support the management of heterogeneous products and heterogeneous cloud platforms in the industry, so that customers can enjoy the value brought by cloud technology and protect existing investments; More importantly, in addition to providing traditional infrastructure virtualization, operation and maintenance management, and service management, Huawei data center management solutions provide a definable and customizable data center management rationale for industry business characteristics

by deploying Huawei manageone data center management solution, enterprise IT personnel can carry out unified management of enterprise group data center, regional center data center and branch data center through a unified management portal, improve management efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, protect it investment, and truly realize simplified management and agile operation

the rapidly deployed micro data center supports the global expansion of enterprises:

the micro Data Center released this time is developed for the rapid expansion of enterprises and the establishment of it facilities in branches

the micro DC solution provided by Huawei is a solution to realize the total integration of micro data centers. It pre integrates cabinets, power supply and distribution equipment, sensors, heat dissipation, networking, security, server equipment and integrated management software. It is the only product in the industry that can realize the unified monitoring and management of computer room environment and it infrastructure

Huawei's micro DC solution fully considers the needs of customers' rapid expansion, and is built around full management, ICT integration, and integrated rapid delivery. It has the following characteristics:

it is highly integrated, which realizes the plug and play of branch IT systems, and supports the rapid deployment of end branches of customers

the data center operation and maintenance management system is pre integrated to help customers achieve unified operation and maintenance and centralized remote control of the global computer room at the group headquarters. The branch machine room can achieve standardized management and unattended, and help customers reduce OPEX and operation and maintenance costs

support hierarchical and decentralized management, provide flexible management between remote and local administrators

support data backup and disaster recovery, implement automatic protection, and help customers maintain business continuity

Huawei's micro DC solution adheres to the concept of full management, ICT integration, and integrated rapid delivery, aiming to create a Huawei sharp knife product, making it the simplest operation and maintenance and fastest online micro data center in the industry, and supporting the rapid expansion of customers

integrate the test cloud to support the excellent operation of enterprises:

facing the complex market environment and changing user needs, enterprises often need to launch a large number of new businesses in a limited time. However, the traditional business testing methods need to re apply for it resources, with long cycle and large investment, which leads to the uncontrollable business launch cycle and cannot meet the market demand

according to the needs of customers, Huawei has launched an integrated testing cloud solution to realize the virtualization, standardization and automation of integrated testing. Huawei's integrated test cloud solution has the following characteristics:

the virtualized IT resource pool makes full use of the existing IT resources, realizes the elastic allocation of resources, and improves the asset utilization rate of more than 75%

resource flexibility application, the test environment improvement cycle is reduced from weeks to minutes. Shorten the time of business launch, and the standardized application of test environment resources makes the test system easy to integrate, replace and access, effectively reducing the manpower of test environment configuration, operation and maintenance, management and monitoring, and reducing the IT manpower cost of enterprises by up to 50%

automated compilation and testing can effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs and obtain better test quality

by deploying Huawei integrated test cloud, customers can greatly reduce the time for new business to go online, so that customers can quickly capture market opportunities, occupy market opportunities, and achieve excellent operations

the manageone data center management solution, micro data center solution and integrated test cloud solution released by Huawei today have further enriched and improved Huawei's serialized data center family, and are more flexible in dealing with the construction, operation and maintenance needs of data centers in various scenarios

agile data center, control business changes, Huawei Company based on its own practice, relying on strong research and development, adhere to open cooperation, and use solutions close to customer needs to help customers protect it investment, support customers' rapid expansion, and support customers' excellent operations

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