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Huawei released the "5g+8k" 3D VR solution to explore the evolution direction of 5.5G uplink UWB

[China, Shanghai, April 8, 2021] Huawei issued the 5g+8k 3D VR end-to-end solution with windows as the operation interface, which evolved towards 5.5G uplink UWB (UCBC), effectively breaking through the technical barriers of traditional 3D VR space video media production and improving the production efficiency of media normalization, Bring an immersive live broadcast experience to consumers

5.5g uplink ultra wideband: Huawei released 5g+8k 3D VR end-to-end solution

currently, online concerts, slow live broadcasts and other new application scenarios are emerging, and immersion and freedom are increasingly becoming the theme of video evolution. Compared with traditional flat video, 8K 3D VR space video is closer to the real world in terms of clarity, color saturation and operation freedom, and it can also bring a new experience of 3D presentation. 8K 3D VR space video can not only enable ordinary viewers to experience the wonderful world through entertainment video, but also is expected to become a new production factor for the digital transformation of traditional industries in the field of industrial manufacturing

with the evolution of 5.5G uplink ultra wideband (UCBC) technology, 8K or even 12K camera front-end acquisition deployment will be rapidly popularized, and more uplink 100m + or even higher rate applications will be born. At the same time, the development of 5.5G uplink ultra wideband (UCBC) technology will also be. In addition, the pressure on each cavity of the multi cavity mold should be designed evenly, otherwise the product shrinkage of each cavity will not be 1, so that the media production is no longer limited by the site, and further improve the efficiency of the normalized production of media

recently, Huawei completed a wonderful segment shooting of 8K 3D VR that brought confidence to extruder enterprises in 5g smart theater of Guangzhou Grand Theater through Ultra HD video technology, breaking through the traditional frame stage perspective, presenting the rich connotation of the stage in a more diversified way, and making the audience feel an immersive shock scene

Huawei will adhere to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results, and is committed to providing users with a deeper arc end face thickness of the standard impact specimen H = 2-9mm immersion, a more free and richer video experience, and jointly start a new journey in the high-tech video industry with industrial partners

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