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Application and development of five axis linkage NC machine tool

five axis linkage NC machine tool is a machine tool with high scientific and technological content and high precision, which is specially used for machining complex surfaces. This machine tool system has a decisive influence on a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries

1. DMG five axis linkage vertical machining center is the main product of Lansheng company. It has DMP, DMC, DMU and D. its allowable stress is MF and HSC series based on tensile strength. It has various specifications and types of high-tech such as economical, five axis and high-speed five face machining. The adoption of linear drive technology will greatly improve its reaction speed, which is 2 to 3 times faster than traditional drive technology. Suitable for processing bars, molds, small pieces, etc. Among them, in dmu50 economical five axis linkage universal NC vertical machining, the plan was released in 2018. From the fixed worktable to the NC swing rotary worktable or manual swing rotary worktable for 5-axis machining, the machining time was shortened by 40% - 3D real-time simulation, efficient software and hardware configuration, tool clamping and processing were carried out simultaneously - 16 * or 30 * tool position tool exchange device, digital drive and direct measurement system, with the highest accuracy, The surface quality is the best (optional)

2. German HERMLE five axis linkage series machining centers mainly promoted by Lansheng company include high-speed spindle swing flexible five axis linkage machining center, high-speed, heavy gantry five axis linkage vertical machining center, re cutting five axis linkage machining center, and other products, which meet different needs, and set a new standard for the pressure axis machining center of the equipment used to display the oil pump. Among them, c20u high-speed gantry five axis linkage machining center, C series can achieve performance, accuracy and versatility in one solution. This series includes one of our most versatile machines: C20, which is constructed with an improved gantry design, provides high dynamic cutting through three-axis tool movement independent of the workpiece, and uses a pick-up magazine to simplify tool exchange. CNC rotary swing workbench (in the clamping workbench) φ 280mm, rotation angle: +/-115 °

the application of five axis linkage NC machine tool for making signs has the processing efficiency equivalent to two three-axis machine tools, and can even completely save the investment of some large-scale automatic production lines, greatly saving the floor space and the turnaround and transportation time and cost between different manufacturing units

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