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Huawei released oceanstor V5

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 19, 2018] recently, Huawei released oceanstor V5 at its Western European partner summit, aiming to help customers enter a new era of data business through a leading flash architecture that advances both speed and stability, combined with future oriented cloud and intelligent capabilities

the new integrated flash memory array oceanstor V5 not only fully inherits all the enterprise level functions and high availability features of Huawei integrated storage oceanstor V3, but also provides a more comprehensive data management scheme for key businesses of enterprises through the high-performance and further integration characteristics of flash memory design. The comprehensive coverage of medium and high-end gears will further expand the product layout of Huawei flash storage and better meet the diversified demands of customers

with the characteristics of high performance, the immediate elimination of flash plays an important role in accelerating enterprise business integration and realizing data value mining to ensure on-time shipment. With the surge in the amount of data, the demands of enterprises to ensure the safety and reliability of data are increasing day by day. Huawei's newly released integrated flash memory array covers: industries composed of new materials themselves; New material technology and its equipment manufacturing industry; Industries with improved traditional material technology are built for key applications of enterprises to realize high availability of business and further release the potential of flash memory, so as to make business data safer and operate more efficiently. In the era of flash memory, better ensure the business continuity of enterprises and meet the needs of enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency

as a storage system specially designed for flash memory, Huawei integrates flash memory arrays to realize multi-dimensional design from the data side, management side and operation and maintenance side, providing a stable low delay of 1 millisecond under a maximum of 6million IOPs (read and write operations per second), meeting the needs of future business development. With smartmatrix 2.0, the intelligent switching matrix is enhanced to realize the industry-leading single engine 4-control full redundancy architecture; J. Podporska Carroll and others used phase reversal technology to prepare poly (ester urethane) urea (PEUU) three-dimensional porous scaffolds. Through the latest Flash ice technology, GDT (graphene heat conduction technology) was first applied to the heat dissipation of solid-state drives, and combined with the flash memory system's own dynamic soaking algorithm, the heat conduction and heat dissipation capacity was increased by 500 times compared with the traditional way, helping to prolong the service life of solid-state drives by 20%; In addition, combined with the hypermetro off free dual active scheme, it provides users with 7x24 hours of uninterrupted service and the guarantee that the service delay is less than 1 millisecond

through storage as a service (staas) solution, Huawei integrates flash memory array to realize cloud capabilities. Huawei staas solution helps enterprise data centers integrate storage resources, improve resource utilization with self-service service directory, automatic operation execution, and realize on-demand supply, so as to reduce the complexity of storage and improve the operation efficiency of data centers

through eservice intelligent management platform, Huawei integrated flash memory array can transform the storage management mode through artificial intelligence and big data, realize the automation of business deployment, automatic adaptation of performance and capacity, and self-healing of faults, and reduce the difficulty of user data full life cycle management

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