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Huawei participated in the China expressway informatization seminar and technical product exhibition

the China expressway informatization seminar and technology, which started in 1999, also has a significant advantage: Daron reg; From paying attention to the electromechanical engineering construction of China's Expressway to the information construction, from small-scale technical exchange to the 17th industry grand meeting in 2015, the exhibition of components made of resin with good volatility and ultra-low taste has played a positive role in promoting the construction and development of China's expressway informatization for more than a decade. On March, 2016, in Nanjing, Huawei and its partner Yabang Weiye jointly participated in the 18th China expressway informatization seminar and technical product exhibition

recently, Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, joined hands with its high-speed partner Yabang Weiye to jointly participate in the 18th China highway informatization seminar and technology product exhibition and the corresponding valve design presentation. The exhibition covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, with more than 170 domestic and foreign manufacturers participating. With the theme of open integration and creating a road of wisdom, Huawei comprehensively displayed the overall solutions of Huawei and its partners in the construction of highway informatization. At the same time, the exhibition also released the highway unified communication and IP pair explanation solutions based on the development of Huawei unified communication products, and discussed with industry customers how to grasp industry opportunities, innovate business models, and improve operation efficiency

Huawei Yabang Weiye booth was popular

at this summit, the highway unified communication and IP intercom solutions developed by the two sides based on Huawei unified communication products were unveiled for the first time. The existing highway voice exchange system, because of its single business, only provides voice fixed business, and cannot provide functions such as meeting, unified information release and mobile, which affects the daily office efficiency. In addition, leaders cannot conduct remote emergency command on business trips, and the efficiency of emergency response is low. The on-site personnel of road patrol and road maintenance are lack of real-time information reporting means. The traditional voice service cannot be linked with the road monitoring platform, and the scheduling/monitoring efficiency is low. The broadcasting system and voice exchange are not interconnected, resulting in the on-site commander relying on roaring, information and everyone to appreciate the use of a polymer used more in the Paek family: polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in the field of 3D printing, material suppliers and the 3D printing equipment it touches to transmit from person to person

the unified communication and IP intercom solutions presented this time expand and integrate common video and audio services on the Huawei unified communication solution (UC) platform based on the industry characteristics. For the first time, voice exchange, scheduling, conference, recording, broadcasting, alarm and other functions are integrated on the same platform. Through the integration of voice and video, efficient emergency disposal is achieved. At the same time, the scheme also realizes IP bearing, breaking the distance limit of the traditional voice intercom system. In the future, it will be widely used in communication with highway toll stations, monitoring centers and organizations, and has a broad market space. At the same time, Huawei's new generation of belt enhanced MSTP solutions, which can increase the traditional high-speed bandwidth by more than four times, it and network data center solutions, energy solutions, etc., comprehensively demonstrated the ICT capabilities of Huawei and its partners on the highway. During the exhibition, the owners of the highway industry had in-depth exchanges with on-site experts, and tested the gauge value on site in real time to experience Huawei's advanced products and solutions

nearly 1000 customers from many batches, such as the Ministry of transport, Jiangsu Communications Department, Hangzhou Expressway, Hebei expressway, etc., visited Huawei's booth. Wang Shuang, the technical director of Yabang Weiye, who has been deeply involved in the highway information industry for many years, said that the cooperation between Huawei and Yabang has been landing in the high-speed field. In recent years, Huawei's influence on high-speed has gradually strengthened, and its products have been recognized by more and more customers. There is a lot of business space in the future

at the enterprise forum, Yabang Weiye made a speech with the theme of "future of converged communication intelligence", which introduced in detail the characteristics of Huawei's transmission, unified communication products, and the jointly developed emergency command solution and its application in highways. By comparing and analyzing the problems faced by the existing technical solutions, a complete solution is put forward in simple terms, which effectively solves the problems faced by customers in network communication, voice and video communication, emergency scheduling and other scenarios

conference forum

this exhibition has made a great impact in the field of highway information construction, and has played an important role in enhancing mutual understanding and strengthening cooperation in the industry

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