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Huawei released the CTI Forum on June 24 (Yu Xin): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, recently held the 2014 angacom exhibition in Cologne, Germany, The first distributed CCAP (converged cable access platform, which is an electronic universal experimental machine technology platform made by Shandong Sida high-tech testing technology Co., Ltd. for the production of subway doors for the Rail Transit Department) scheme was released to the industry, and the multi service converged UPVC pipe fittings for water supply GB 10002.2 (8) and digital development were realized economically and efficiently. At the same time, Huawei also showed the evolution route of the distributed CCAP solution, which can be smoothly upgraded to docsis3.1 to maximize the protection of customer investment

in this angacom exhibition, Huawei's distributed CCAP architecture and docsis3.1 technology evolution have become hot topics in the access field of MSO (multiple system operator). Compared with the traditional CMTS (cable modem terminal systems) solution, Huawei's distributed CCAP solution can share the same platform with FTTx, saving 70% room space, 50% energy consumption and 80% backbone fiber resources. The distributed CCAP solution based on DOCSIS 3.1 adopts OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) technology to realize multi-user multiplexing in the uplink and MMP (multiple modulation profile) based packet broadcasting in the downlink to improve spectral efficiency, At the same time, it combines the key technologies of DOCSIS 3.1 physical layer high-order modulation (downlink 16K QAM, uplink 4K QAM modulation) and LDPC (low density parity check) codec to achieve the industry's highest line rate of 2.3gbps for downlink single channel and 1Gbps for uplink single channel. Compared with docsis3.0, the spectral efficiency and bandwidth of docsis3.1 have been greatly improved, providing users with a smoother and clearer connected audio-visual experience

while supporting docsis3.0 services, Huawei's distributed CCAP solution will realize a smooth evolution to docsis3.1, give full play to the performance advantages of docsis3.1 in high-order modulation at the physical layer, provide operators with ultra wideband cable access networks, and extend the life cycle of HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) networks to the next decade

greatly reduced various costs

Frank Miller, the global MSO CTO of Huawei, released the smooth evolution route of distributed CCAP for docsis3.1

you Yiyong, President of Huawei access product line, said: Huawei focuses on the market demand of MSO, continues to invest in technological innovation, and actively promotes the standardization of distributed CCAP technology. The distributed CCAP solution launched this time combines the latest docsis3.1 technology with the distributed CCAP architecture, which fully matches the strategy of MSO network digitalization, integration and smooth evolution of ultra wideband

Huawei has long been committed to MSO network research and provides higher, faster and better integration solutions. It is the main drafter of domestic c-docsis standard and the main promoter of DAA (distributed architecture access) international standard. As a member of cableLabs docsis3.1 standard working group, Huawei participated in the formulation of docsis3.1 standard and contributed several technical proposals

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