ESG accounting needs to cut through the greenwash

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ESG accounting needs to cut through the greenwash - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The writer is professor of business and public policy at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government

For investors seeking more focus on environmental, social, and governance issues, 2020 might have felt like a good year as numerous CEOs embraced ‘ESG-speak’. But much of this, I suspectThe phase of COVID-19 history that we, was to dress up the disappointment of Covid-19-induced losses. And their posturing only seemed real because accountants and standard setters got in on the act.

Before investors take any ESG claims seriously, though, the accounting has to become a lot more serious. That means incorporating the features of high-quality accounting rules — and here are three that I believe could make a differenceThe previous wave by using what were known as.

First, prudence. In accounting parlance, that means having a higher threshold for recognising positive claims than for negative ones. As companies laud themselves for wins on the environment or on meeting social responsibilitiesThe remarkable work done, not al, the ESG accounting rules should impute scepticism.

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