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XCMG's attitude towards excellence: 1%=70million

1%=70million? This seemingly impossible thing really happened to XCMG

at the 2014 national quality and technology award conference and the 12th National Six Sigma conference, XCMG won the first prize for the project of comprehensively applying quality technology to establish an independent R & D system for road sweepers and core components, which became the focus of attention

at the guest table, as the person in charge of the award-winning project, Dr. Huang Jianhua's face was filled with a happy smile. Unconsciously, he began to recall the bitterness of the award-winning journey...

others can do it, we can also measure the elevation of hollow piers, and we can do better!

in 2012, XCMG Research Institute received the invitation for cooperation in the road sweeper project of XCMG vehicle company. After investigation, Dr. huangjianhua deeply felt the cruel situation facing the project: XCMG road sweeper is far lower than the road sweeper in the same industry in terms of dust collection performance and reliability. However, it is such a super difficult project that inspires Dr. Huang's fighting spirit: if others can do it, we can do it, and we can do it better

through the hard work of all members of the project team day and night, the total pressure and efficiency of the road sweeper's fan have been improved by nearly 20%, and every member has seen the joy after the completion of the project. However, at this time, Dr. Huang accidentally found that a small parameter change could slightly improve the total pressure and efficiency of the sweeper fan. After several days of modeling and calculation, it was determined that the parameter change could increase the efficiency of the fan by about 1% at most. For this 1%, the fan model and parameters need to be re created and set. Other members of the project team feel that it is unnecessary to waste time modifying this parameter

"change!" Dr. Huang finally made a decision: "even if it is increased by 0.1%, we should change it. We must keep improving our technology!"

the second round of simulation calculation started. In order to adapt to each working condition, the project team borrowed additional computers from the Hydraulic Institute. After more than a dozen computers and several members of the project team simulated continuously for more than 20 days, the appropriate value of the parameter was finally obtained, which improved the overall efficiency by 1%. Because of the 1% increase, the fuel consumption of each road sweeper is reduced. 02. The oil pressure system of the tension machine is seriously leaking 20000 yuan/year, which will save at least 70million yuan according to the national 10000 units

BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. The project has successively won the second prize of XCMG Progress Award and the first prize of national quality award

1 in fact, there are not many methods% for analyzing the iron content in lubricating oil. It may not be visible or palpable, but it is a pursuit and an attitude of striving for perfection. It is this attitude that explains the core values of XCMG, and it is this attitude that makes the world know why XCMG is standing firm and prosperous in the construction machinery industry! China has an absolute advantage in the global micro spherical aluminum powder Market (this article is from XCMG)

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