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XCMG Wang Min: the global construction machinery industry showdown opens

XCMG Wang Min: the global construction machinery industry showdown opens

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"a global construction machinery industry showdown has opened, and the future industrial pattern and competition situation are likely to be rewritten slowly". Xu Benji is experimenting with various hard materials. Wang Min, chairman of the panel industry group, said at the "global construction machinery industry conference and top 50 summit". It stressed that this brand competition is an opportunity for Chinese engineering enterprises to break through the world, which will further win the strong in China's construction machinery industry and eliminate a number of uncompetitive participants

indeed, the figures confirm Wang Min's judgment

in 2014, the sales of global construction machinery manufacturers fell in a large area. Among the top 50 manufacturers, 5. Strictly controlling the work pressure, only 11 enterprises achieved sales growth, but the growth rate was far lower than in the past. In terms of profits, the number of enterprises that have achieved positive growth is slightly higher, with a total of 20. In 2014, there were only 7 enterprises whose sales and profit indicators increased at the same time

the large-scale decline made the total sales of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2014 only $159.564 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 10.67%, slightly higher than that in 2013. Last year, the total operating profit of the top 50 enterprises was US $11.964 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 17.43%, and the average operating profit of the top 50 manufacturing enterprises was only 7.50%

compared with 2009 after the financial crisis, which could provide technical support for plastic modification and mass production of functional materials for plastic enterprises in Dongguan, this round of decline in the global construction machinery market shows a stronger sustainability, and no one can be sure when the substantive recovery will come

as for the factors that caused the industry crisis, Wang Min analyzed that in previous years, the enterprises were not rational enough, resulting in a situation of rapid growth. The current decline is squeezing out the foam, "we also have it ourselves"

in addition, houyunchun, former deputy director of the National Research Center, also gave his own judgment. He believed that the scattered and homogeneous competition in China's construction machinery and equipment industry was also the cause of the crisis

almost all enterprises, especially the giants, have clearly realized that no matter for short-term performance or long-term development, change is imperative. In 2014, caterpillar, a firm and even conservative company, rarely evaluated other enterprises. The title of "innovation or death" with the color of "determination" appeared on the official website

for the future, Wang Min is obviously full of confidence, "the ultra-high growth has come to an end, but the market opportunities still exist". "In the future, China's economy will maintain stable growth as expected, and China's construction machinery industry will continue to grow stronger and bigger."

Wang Min stressed that "we should not wait for others to change our lives. We should design, control and create the future ourselves. On this road, Chinese enterprises must take the initiative to initiate a massive and all-round major change and upgrade"

it suggests that enterprises should firmly believe in the future of the industry, stick to the main market of construction machinery, actively promote innovation and Reform in system and mechanism management, "especially in technology and products", and catch up with and break through in global benchmarking. At the product level, we should break the shackles, optimize and adjust the stock layout, create a complete industrial chain, and continue to grow with a complete business form. In addition, Wang Min also emphasized the innovation of manufacturing process management and control mode, marketing strategy and service plan, paid real attention to customers, gave play to diversified needs, and paid attention to guiding the market

houyunchun is also optimistic about the future of the construction machinery industry. He believes that the industry has three major opportunities. First, while actively encouraging consumer demand, the state is further playing the key role of investment in stimulating the economy. This round of expansion of battery shell bottom profile is very stable, and the investment will further stimulate the manufacturing and market sales of the construction machinery industry

second, urbanization opportunities. The development of urbanization has put forward a great demand for construction machinery, especially a lot of underground debts. In order to improve the quality and level of urbanization, the government will speed up the transformation of underground pipes, which provides a large market for construction machinery

third, overseas demand brought about by the "the Belt and Road" initiative. Both the Asian infrastructure investment bank and the Silk Road Fund will actively promote the infrastructure construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road", which also brings a good opportunity for construction machinery manufacturing

houyunchun suggested that China's construction machinery manufacturing industry should speed up mergers and acquisitions, optimize the combination of resources and improve industrial concentration. In addition, efforts should be made to improve product quality and service level, and strive to create more brands. Secondly, under the general situation of informatization and "interconnection +", construction machinery enterprises should closely embrace interconnection and combine online and offline. Finally, we should strengthen cooperation, go out to sea together, and play an important role in promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

"at present, both China and the world economy are in the process of transformation and upgrading. There are many opportunities. It is difficult to complain about the world and others. It is golden to be practical. We should closely follow the national policy to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, push the mixed ownership to the deep-water area, and steadily and continuously improve our core competitiveness," Wang Min said in the end

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