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Masteel actively resisted risks to achieve profit and loss balance, comprehensively deepened reform and innovation

Masteel actively resisted risks to achieve profit and loss balance. The global packaging market will grow from $839billion in 2015 to $998billion in 2020, focusing on 1+7 diversified industries and comprehensively deepening reform and innovation. At the workers' Congress held by Masteel, Ding Yi, general manager of Masteel group and chairman of the joint stock company, said that under the circumstances of slowing macroeconomic growth, serious imbalance between steel supply and demand, sharp decline in steel prices, and intertwined difficulties, the company closely focused on the working theme of focusing on 1+7 diversified industries and comprehensively deepening reform and innovation, and achieved the goal of balanced profits and losses in production and operation throughout the year, The profitability of its joint-stock companies has increased significantly

fully promote the main iron and steel industry to turn losses into profits. Adhere to the stability of blast furnace as the basis, and promote the system linkage to reduce costs and increase efficiency. An iron making technology division was established to establish a physical examination system for blast furnace operation and an early warning mechanism for external security. The steel rolling system adheres to the principles of stabilizing production, reducing inventory and maintaining orders, and optimizes structural adjustment. It is estimated that the annual product structure will be adjusted and the capital will be increased by 370million yuan, the output of automobile plates will reach 1.3 million tons, and the product development will reach 1.42 million tons. Among them, high-power locomotive wheels have passed the certification of CRCC (China railway inspection and Certification Center) and have been used in batches. The trial production of 350 km/h EMU wheels meets the technical standards, and the strength requirements of 30 ton axle load heavy-duty axles and M35 clamps: w300 high-grade silicon steel has the capacity of batch supply, and HRB500 oil and gas storage tanks fill the domestic gap with low-temperature reinforcement

accelerate the improvement of the operation level of non steel sector. Implement resource and business integration. Mineral industry is one of the fastest-growing adhesive products. The resource industry sector has established a management and control system for parent and subsidiary companies in the mining sector linked by property rights. It is expected that the comparable cost per ton of ore in the whole year will decrease by 10% year-on-year. The engineering technology sector implements the EPC (design, procurement and construction) general contracting business model and vigorously expands the internal and external markets. The energy conservation and environmental protection sector accelerated the construction of desulfurization and denitration, waste heat power generation, environmental dust removal and other projects and the integration of related businesses, and is expected to achieve a net profit of 30million yuan for the whole year

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