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"Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" promotes the reform and development of state-owned enterprises

learning the government work report has a deeper understanding of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". Premier Li Keqiang stressed in his report: "innovation is the first driving force to lead development, which must be placed at the core of the overall national development situation, in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, and continue to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation." By studying the government work report, I have a deeper understanding of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Premier Li Keqiang stressed in his report that innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and must be placed at the core of the overall national development situation, in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, and continuous promotion of mass entrepreneurship and innovation

since the premier proposed mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the government work report at the two sessions last year, driven by a series of dual innovation policies and new Internet technologies, the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country has been stimulated. Not only small and micro enterprises, but also many large enterprises have joined the ranks of innovation and entrepreneurship, introducing platforms such as mass entrepreneurship, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and crowdfunding, triggering changes in production methods and management methods, Gather and form new driving forces for economic development. Renqinxin, chairman of CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., said

mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities create brands

CITIC Heavy Industry has actively explored and practiced mass entrepreneurship and innovation in large enterprises. The company uses the maker space model and combines its own characteristics to build a maker team at four levels: first, it employs 18 chief technical experts to lead the formation of 18 technology maker teams; Second, five big craftsmen were employed, and 22 worker makers were established under this guidance; Third, it has established two Guoliang copper materials overseas with well-known international experts in the industry as the core: an international maker team dedicated to the research and development of new copper alloy materials; Fourth, a number of social makers have gathered through collaborative development platforms, remote service platforms, standard service platforms, talent training platforms, etc

mass entrepreneurship and innovation activities have created brands. The maker team closely followed the "made in China 2025" and the strategic needs of the the Belt and Road to tackle key problems and create a golden brand made in China. At the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards Conference, CITIC heavy industry won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award for two innovative achievements and the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award for one; Created benefits. The technological innovation team of core equipment for mineral processing has developed nine major host equipment, with overseas orders of nearly 4billion yuan in the past two years. The pure low-temperature dual pressure waste heat power generation technology developed by the waste heat power generation technology innovation team has been extended from the cement industry to new fields such as dry quenching waste heat power generation and sintering machine waste heat power generation, with a total new contract amount of more than 7 billion yuan and new profits and taxes of more than 1 billion yuan. In 2015, the maker teams of the five big craftsman studios achieved 98 technological innovation achievements, with an effect of 15.86 million yuan

social makers rely on the new products and technologies jointly developed by the company's innovation and entrepreneurship platform and innovation projects to achieve an economic scale of more than 10billion yuan; Created a team. The maker team has more than 800 direct participants, affecting and driving 1000 technicians and 4000 front-line workers, integrating R & D, process and manufacturing, and effectively solving the innovation problem of the whole value chain; Created a mechanism. In large state-owned enterprises, through this form to do mass entrepreneurship and innovation, talent training, selection and incentive to form a complete mechanism; Created vitality. Since 2013, the contribution rate of the company's new products has reached 70%, the proportion of complete set orders in new orders has reached 60%, and the proportion of export products has reached 50%. Major business indicators such as profits have continued to maintain the industry leadership. CITIC Heavy Industries was selected into the list of the first five innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases in China

through the practice of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in recent years, we increasingly realize that mass entrepreneurship and innovation is not only a matter of small, medium and micro enterprises, but also a necessity for the transformation and upgrading of large state-owned enterprises. As Premier Li Keqiang pointed out when inspecting the mass entrepreneurship and innovation work of CITIC Heavy Industry: you have promoted mass entrepreneurship and innovation by carrying out maker group activities, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Your practice has proved that entrepreneurship and innovation is not only the way for small enterprises or small and micro enterprises to survive and develop, but also the way for large enterprises to prosper

the biggest problem facing entrepreneurship and innovation is the mechanism

the main body of independent innovation is enterprises. In particular, large state-owned enterprises focus more on innovation when they engage in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. With technological innovation as the core, they focus on national strategies and national major equipment. At the same time, they connect with the market to meet and create demand, which can continuously produce innovative achievements, and realize the transformation of achievements through effective ways, which is of great significance to promote supply side reform and enhance China's international competitiveness

in promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation, large state-owned enterprises also play a platform role, injecting new impetus into China's economic growth. Relying on the talent, technology, brand, market and other advantageous resources of large enterprises to build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform, attracting internal employees and external entrepreneurs to start businesses based on this platform is easier to succeed, and plays a more obvious role in promoting industrial development

for large state-owned enterprises, the biggest problem facing entrepreneurship and innovation is not resources, but mechanisms

first of all, from the perspective of innovation: because the new technology field and the traditional manufacturing field are completely different activities, the former is innovation activities, and the latter is production activities. In nature, innovation is the opposite of intelligence. The lack of water will make nylon materials brittle, and production is a physical activity; In terms of process, technological innovation requires creativity, while production requires standardization and process. Technological innovation depends on human wisdom, and production activities rely on machine tools, equipment and labor tools. The less people involved, the better; In terms of cost control, technological innovation often requires continuous investment, while production activities are to control costs; In terms of mechanism, innovation activities, especially in the field of high and new technology, need trial and error mechanism, fault tolerance mechanism and incentive mechanism, while production activities are defect control and punishment mechanism, so the two mechanisms are completely different

secondly, from the perspective of Entrepreneurship: in order to promote and participate in social entrepreneurship, state-owned enterprises must deepen enterprise reform, incorporate internal entrepreneurship and innovation platforms into the enterprise governance system, and give all-round support to internal entrepreneurship and innovation projects; Establish a scientific and reasonable incentive and restraint mechanism, bind the internal entrepreneurial team with the interests of state-owned enterprises through reasonable system design, and mobilize the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of internal personnel and attract social entrepreneurial talents through equity, options, dividends and other incentive methods; We should also establish a firewall through the system to prevent the impact on the main business of the enterprise. At the same time, we should reform the personnel system of state-owned enterprises and introduce the policy of leaving their posts and starting businesses

deepen mass entrepreneurship and innovation work

as a practitioner of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, CITIC Heavy Industry will deepen mass entrepreneurship and innovation work from three aspects in accordance with Premier Li Keqiang's instructions and expectations:

first, seize the opportunity of the Internet era, vigorously develop social makers, radiate and drive social innovation and Entrepreneurship, just as the premier said during his inspection of CITIC Heavy Industry: we hope that our worker makers, our technology makers, and the makers we recruit from the society, And through the Internet + development, our brand, China's equipment, through you to the world, not only shows competitiveness in the world, but also can play our gold lettered signboard

the second is to set up an innovation fund, work together with funds, trusts and crowdfunding platforms, provide entrepreneurial fund support for individual innovation projects with creativity, technology and demand, and mobilize entrepreneurial employees with personality to keep their surfaces lubricated and clean when not in use

third, take the opportunity of the national construction of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base to accelerate the construction of CITIC Heavy Industry Innovation and entrepreneurship base, and create an industrial innovation ecological community with CITIC Heavy Industry as the core, colleges and Universities Participating in, radiating and driving the growth and development of other entrepreneurial entities through innovative investment mechanism, operation mechanism and incentive mechanism

activate enterprise innovation mechanism

study the premier's work report. In order to stimulate the vitality of large enterprises in mass entrepreneurship and innovation and enhance the new momentum of real economic development, this paper puts forward several suggestions from the perspective of activating enterprise innovation mechanism:

first, establish a scientific enterprise performance evaluation system and evaluation mechanism, pay more attention to the evaluation of independent innovation, and encourage state-owned enterprises to play a greater role in mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Develop more scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights

second, encourage and support state-owned enterprises to establish venture capital companies or venture capital funds, and study and improve the state-owned assets supervision system of venture capital enterprises. On the basis of following the general requirements and regulations of the state-owned assets supervision system of enterprises, it also conforms to the characteristics of venture capital

III. research the incentive measures of equity and dividend rights of scientific and technological personnel, form relevant implementation opinions, establish a reasonable benefit sharing mechanism of innovative achievements, and fully stimulate the vitality of innovation

IV. establish a community of mass entrepreneurship and innovation interests. For mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects, state-owned enterprises are allowed to invest a certain proportion of guidance funds or support funds to form a community of benefit sharing and risk sharing with sponsors, core technology teams and social funds. For the investment of state-owned enterprises in capital, assets and resources for the purpose of innovation and entrepreneurship, necessary risk exemption mechanisms should be established to form an innovation culture that encourages innovation and tolerates failure

v. on the premise of ensuring the interests of the state, further grant state-owned enterprises and institutions the right to dispose of scientific and technological achievements, so that they can independently decide on the transfer, evaluation, investment and shareholding of achievements, so as to improve the conversion rate of mass entrepreneurship and innovation achievements

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