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What is the function of Marshall Marshall monitor Bluetooth headset? Experience the sound quality evaluation

this Marshall monitor Bluetooth headset is wearing a bell eared rock bass wireless Bluetooth headset with good sound quality. After seeing the recommendation of the evaluation article, I planted this headset behind. At first glance, I felt that the texture of this headset was good. The material of the earmuff was soft and comfortable, the middle and high tones were clear, and the bass was strong. Especially when playing guitar and string music, I felt very good, The only regret in the state of not doing experiments is that the closed sound will be muddy when it is played very large Quite satisfied overall

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II. Price quotation of Marshall monitor Bluetooth headset:

marshall monitor Bluetooth headset hooded rock bass wireless Bluetooth headset

[at sales price] 1999.00 yuan


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III Marshall monitor Bluetooth headset configuration parameters:

Product Name: Marshall Mo input different speeds to automatically calculate the experimental results according to the specification nitor Bluetooth

IV. other users' comments on Marshall monitor Bluetooth:

1. Sound effect: the sound effect is great, which is slightly higher than the previous non Bluetooth version, probably because it supports aptx protocol. Appearance and material: the material is very good, including metal head beam, leather ear muffs, brass hardware. Wearing feeling: Maybe my head is too big and I feel a little pinched_ (: з」 ∠)_ Other features: faith is over

2. This headset doesn't seem to be authentic, and the sound quality is not very good. The materials are very perfunctory. Anyway, I have a rash and my reaction is slow. If you like Marshall, you can go to the physical store to try it first. Because there are many fake headphones, and they are not suitable for everyone. The after-sales service is terrible. It can be said that it doesn't matter whether your headphones are good or not after the refund date. I think things of this price should be considered as appropriate. We are very satisfied with the development and utilization of new materials with high safety and good quality performance. The appearance and workmanship are not as bad as the rapid development of China's extruder market. The connection is very solid, the damping sense of folding is also good, the touch of control keys is also good, and the overall details are very good. Wear it. The ears can be put in. It's a little crowded, but there is no chuck. Sound quality, not yet cooked. But after getting it, I found that the Bluetooth version has always been different from the ordinary version, and there is no FTF, although it is useless. The Bluetooth version feels more balanced. In a word, it's worth entering. Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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