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Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Marshall generation 2 Bluetooth speaker usage evaluation experience

this Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Marshall generation 2 Wireless Bluetooth speaker in recent years, the hifi sound effect of the home small steel gun subwoofer is really good. I like the speaker recommended by the great God, and I also planted this speaker behind. At first glance, I feel that the texture is really good. The speaker is of appropriate size, placed on the desktop, and equipped with an Ikea work light, Very industrial. The sound quality is good. Although it is more suitable for rock, the sound effect is good after listening to a variety of music styles such as British rock, heavy metal, Gothic, electronics, pop and so on. It's more than enough to make a desktop speaker next to the computer at work

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II. Price of Marshall generation 2 speakers:

marshall action II Bluetooth Marshall generation 2 wireless speakers home small steel cannon subwoofer hifi sound

[at sales price] 2399.00 yuan


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III. Marshall action II Bluetooth Marshall generation 2 speakers configuration parameters:

IV. Marshall generation 2 speakers other user comments:

1 Viewing material: not bad, appearance. In fact, the sound quality is really not understood, but it will be better than playing. It's very decompressed

2. The sound quality is very good. I entered the oil tank and just opened the box to listen to a forgotten time. The sound is quite delicate, the first impression is good, and I listened to the symphony. The effect is also very shocking. All kinds of musical instruments are conveyed together to avoid puncture veins. Finally, I listened to the bass, which is a little muddy, It may also be a new problem. Selfie thinks it's needless to say. It's so beautiful

3. Super fast. The packaging is very careful. The speaker with a long heart water, the medium and high voice of the cooker have not been tried. It's not good to disturb the neighbors at night. But as soon as the bass sound increases, the subwoofer becomes particularly obvious. Oh, DOE optimization based on Moldflow cloud computing warps and deforms, bang bang Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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