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On November 27, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE daily Review

I. Analysis of the trend of international crude oil today

the market predicts that OPEC has begun to increase production in order to reduce oil prices and reduce the harm to global economic growth. Affected by this, international oil prices fell on Monday

at the close of Monday, the January light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $97.70 a barrel, down $0.48 from the previous trading day; January Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $95.32, down $0.44; Heating oil futures in New York rose 0.24 cents to 270.66 cents per gallon in December; Rbob gasoline futures in December were 244.14 cents per gallon, down 2.56 cents; December diesel futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were US $850.5 per ton, down US $5.25 from the previous trading day

from the technical analysis, the international crude oil opened at 98.30 points yesterday to improve the elasticity of the matrix material, fell 1.64 points, and closed at the middle Yin line. Today, the crude oil opened at 96.88 points, running below the 5-day line. In terms of the moving average, it continues to be long. The resistance of the 5-day line is strong, and KDJ has a tendency to bond at a high level. It is estimated that the future market will consolidate between the 5-day line and the 10 day line

II. Spot market quotation

today's LLDPE market is greatly affected by Sinopec's increase in ex factory prices, and the market quotation rises significantly. Most traders do not report their closed offers, and the downstream demand has not improved much, but the traders' mentality is very good

overview of North China: today, the market in North China is rising significantly, traders have a good mentality, market resources are tight, and downstream demand is low; For example, Yanshan LLDPE market price reference: Qilu Chemical City reported yuan/ton

overview of East China: today, the market quotation in East China is stable, but the optimistic intention in the future market is obvious, the tight situation of resources still exists, the downstream demand has not improved, and the market transaction is still flat; For example, Nanjing PE market: lldpe:7042 quotation yuan/ton

overview of South China: today, the market transactions in South China are angry and flat. The rise in petrochemical prices has caused serious copying by traders, and the quotation has increased. The high price has caused flat downstream demand, such as Shunde PE market reference quotation: LLDPE: Maoming 7042 increased by 200 yuan/ton, and the quotation is 12600 yuan/ton. The utilization rate on new energy vehicles has reached 30% tons. (Shunde market is quoted without tax)

III. China Plastics ll has obtained a special graphene material 0801. Today's trend analysis

China Plastics ll0801 was affected by the overnight decline of crude oil. It opened at 13350 yuan today. After opening, it fluctuated upward, fluctuated near 13395, then fell back, began to fluctuate upward at 13370 yuan, fell rapidly after being blocked at 13430 yuan, rose twice, fell blocked, and rose straight near the closing, The final closing price was 13450 yuan, up 77 yuan, with 200 deals and 482 positions, a decrease from yesterday

from the perspective of technical analysis, Zhongsu ll0801 was affected by the overnight decline of crude oil. It rose after the opening of 13350 yuan, closed at the small positive line, breaking through the previous high. According to KDJ index, it is long arranged, the moving average forms a long arrangement, and the 5-day line becomes the supporting price. It is estimated that many enterprises dare not take orders after the market consolidation, and rise in the range

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