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On November 25, the China Plastics price index rose 7.41 points to 738.53 points, and the China Plastics spot index rose 18.36 points to 607.67 points

I. upstream dynamics:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $4.57/barrel to $54.5/barrel, and Brent crude oil rose $4.74/barrel to $53.93/barrel

II. Manufacturer's news:

Yanshan Petrochemical PE equipment can't help but be in front of people's eyes. 1. Light up the new high-voltage ld100ac, stop the old high-voltage line 1, produce 1c7a for line 2, produce 1c7a for line 3, stop the low-voltage line 1, and produce 5000S for line 2. In November, the production of LDPE is expected to be reduced by 10000 tons, and that of HDPE is expected to be reduced by 1000 tons

PE production performance of Maoming Petrochemical: 1 × high pressure continuous shutdown, 2 × high pressure production 2426h; Full density production 7042; High density production tr144

Daqing Petrochemical low voltage line a produces 5000S, line B 5000S, and line C 2200j. LLDPE unit produces 7047, new high pressure production 2426h, and old high pressure 18do

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit line a started to produce 5000S, line b/c continued to shut down, LLDPE unit shut down on the 22nd, and it is preliminarily planned to start on Wednesday

Lanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. doesn't have to worry about being unable to buy tickets for 200000 tons. High voltage devices produce 2426h, 60000 tons of old full density devices produce 6055, 300000 tons of new full density devices produce 70.42, and 140000 tons of low-voltage devices produce 5000S

Qilu Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a produced 6098, line B produced 1158, LLDPE plant produced 7042, and LDPE plant shut down last Friday. In terms of petrochemical inventory, the inventory is relatively small. In November, the LLDPE plant is planned to reduce by about 6000 tons

III. local market conditions:

the inquiry atmosphere in the PE market of China plastic city is general, and the market fell steadily. Traders are not optimistic about the future market, and continue to reduce prices and deliver goods. At present, the mainstream price in the market: LDPE: yuan/ton, LLDPE: yuan/ton, HDPE: drawing material 8000 yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

there is a small supply of goods in Nanjing PE market, and the appearance of some contracts determines the difficulty of billing. LLDPE is fried to above 8200 yuan/ton, a small amount of new products are put into wire drawing, and less injection molding/hollow goods are put in

the PE market in Tianjin Port has a small market supply today, and some quotations are higher. 0218d excluding tax is 7450 yuan/ton, 0218b excluding tax is 7350 yuan/ton, 218w including tax is 8400 yuan/ton, and 0274/3003 is about 9000 yuan/ton

there are few goods in the PE market in Linyi, and there is no obvious quotation. The merchants react that they don't know how to quote, and most of them wait and see

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