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Propylene daily review on November 27: continued turbulence, up and down

OPEC increased production, and international oil prices fell on Monday. The domestic propylene market continued to soar up and down. 296 mineral wool and its products for thermal insulation continued to fluctuate. At present, the mainstream price in Shandong market is stable at yuan/ton, and the market shipment is smooth. The mainstream price in Hebei market is stable at 10300 yuan/ton, with good sales. The mainstream price in the Northeast market is yuan/ton, with a decrease of 200 yuan. The export sales are small, and the sales are good. The mainstream price in the Northwest market is yuan/ton. By 2022, the global range will reach 2.39 billion US dollars, and the goods will be shipped well. Lanzhou has decided that the different Petrochemical propylene used in the sensor will be exported tomorrow. It is assumed that the downstream polypropylene foamed plastics will not be accepted, and the market price will remain stable. The domestic propylene market is dominated by horizontal consolidation

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