Prominent risks in the hottest beverage packaging

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The beverage packaging industry has prominent risks

the industry is facing the dilemma of low profits

as an integral part of the beverage market, the beverage packaging industry seems to have a promising future under the situation of the continuous rise of the beverage trend. However, affected by the price war in the beverage market, beverage enterprises, including internationally renowned brands, have almost strict control over the packaging cost, making domestic beverage packaging manufacturers almost unprofitable. At the same time, being squeezed by the profits of upstream industries (raw materials), competition in the same industry and downstream enterprises (customers), the packaging industry will face the severe test of the era of low profits, and enterprises with weak economic strength will face greater pressure for survival. The merger and reorganization between packaging enterprises has begun. For example, the establishment of Chengdu baobai, the release of Lianyun's benefits did not meet the expectations, and the establishment of Hong Kong Zhongjin and Foshan Plastics Group in Sichuan, the construction of Shuangliang Industrial Park in Jiangsu Shuangliang, and the establishment of Zijiang Industrial Park have confirmed the arrival of the era of industrial mergers and acquisitions

the scale of beverage packaging enterprises is uneven, and the technology is backward.

the scale of China's beverage packaging enterprises is uneven, the production quality cannot be effectively monitored, and the market competition is disordered obviously, resulting in the continuous decline of the profits of the whole industry. At present, domestic beverage packaging enterprises mainly import equipment produced by Japan and South Korea, and domestic machinery can only be in a supplementary position due to the limitations of investment scale and technical level. This leads to excessive investment in fixed assets of industrial enterprises, while small and medium-sized enterprises can only use domestic machinery due to capital constraints, which leads to low technical content of production products and poor bargaining power of enterprise products. Except that a dozen well-known enterprises in China have built GMP workshops and wastewater and waste gas treatment facilities, most of the production workshops of enterprises are not well equipped


the technical process and overall management level of China's beverage packaging enterprises are behind the fast-growing food packaging industry. The continuous improvement of product standards, the intensification of competition, and the continuous high price of raw materials have greatly compressed the profits of the industry, and some small and medium-sized enterprises are at risk of bankruptcy. Mergers and acquisitions have begun. Regular inspection should be carried out; In this regard, when granting credit, banks should focus on large enterprises with strong R & D strength, high product technology content and strong bargaining power. These enterprises are generally large-scale, with GMP workshops and wastewater and waste gas treatment facilities, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection

in the future beverage packaging market, the unique advantages of less consumption of raw materials, low cost, easy to carry and so on determine that beverage packaging must constantly innovate in technology in order to follow the pace of beverage development. With the continuous improvement of functional films, it is an inevitable trend for plastic flexible packaging to replace bottled containers. In particular, the greening of packaging materials and production processes marks that the multi-layer coextrusion functional films of solvent-free composite and extrusion composite will be more applied in beverage packaging

in the coming years, while developing the existing fruit juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, carbonated beverages and other products, the beverage market will develop towards low sugar or sugar free beverages, as well as pure natural, milk containing and other healthy beverages

development trend of products use the mouse to find out the data corresponding to each point on the experimental curve; It will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as pet sterile cold filling packaging, HDPE (barrier layer in the middle) milk packaging, and sterile carton packaging. The diversity of beverage product development will eventually promote the innovation of beverage packaging materials and structures. At that time, enterprises that produce differentiated packaging products will benefit. The industry will develop into a featured packaging industry with green environmental protection, profit compression, brand sales, high quality and high energy. How to better develop the packaging industry around the purpose of warming up the Chinese plastic extruder Market for safety, health and environmental protection is an urgent problem for enterprises to consider. Enterprises that deviate from the mainstream direction will eventually be eliminated by a gradually sound market competition system

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