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16 projects in the chemical industry have been listed in the third batch of eliminated products catalogue of the State Economic and Trade Commission

the State Economic and Trade Commission recently released the third batch of catalogue of eliminating backward production capacity, processes and products (Exposure Draft) to the whole society. The move of the economic and Trade Commission is to solve the problem of low-level overcapacity, compress and eliminate backward production capacity, and promote technological progress and industrial upgrading of enterprises. Previously, the catalogue for eliminating backward production capacity and understanding 12 processes and products through the workmanship of equipment appearance has been issued in two batches

according to the third batch of catalogue, it is convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments. 16 projects in the chemical industry will be eliminated, namely: fenitrophos (the elimination period is 2002); Phosphamine (2002); Manual packaging (filling) equipment for pesticide products (2003); Pesticide processing and crushing machinery Raymond machine, jaw crusher (2003); Sulphuric acid production from pyrite with a design capacity of less than 30000 tons (including 30000 tons) (2005); Polyvinyl alcohol water glass interior wall coating (106 interior wall coating) (2003); Colorful interior wall coating (2003); Polyvinyl acetate lotion series coatings (including EVA) (2003); Vinyl chloride vinylidene chloride copolymer lotion exterior wall coating (2003); Benzene containing binder (2001); Benzidine dyes (2001); Tires with an annual output of less than 500000 (including 500000) when they touch the internal reinforcement framework obliquely, and tires with natural cotton cord fabric as the framework (2001); 2019 black production unit of dry carbon granulation with an annual capacity of less than 10000 tons (including 10000 tons) (2003); Bicycle tire with soft edge structure (2003); Graphite anode diaphragm caustic soda (2004); KDON-6000/6600 type accumulator process air separation plant (2001)

according to the introduction of relevant officials of the industrial policy department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, the third batch of catalogue published this time is the draft for comments, and all sectors of society can put forward suggestions for revision, and submit written comments to the industrial policy department of the State Economic and Trade Commission before September 30 this year

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